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    L-1 Identity Solutions......?'s

    I've been reading about the L-1 finger printing idea, seems to be a good deal. Had anyone been to this addy? I guess that it is new. Do you really need an appt time? Or can you just show up? Do they hand the rest of your application process other than what you have to take to your local PD? Do they take funds for the LTCH? Cash/check/charge?

    Thanks for your help, RNM

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    you make an apointment time when you fill out your paperwork online, you don't have a choice with that

    you CAN pay for your state fee and L1 fee when you are done with your online app with a CC or DC.

    The L1 I went to took cash or cashiers check, but I paid online

    You'll still need your local payment, but call them up before you go in, some take checks, some take cash, some only take a cashiers check.

    You get your final paper work when you go into your local court/sherrif etc.
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    My fiance' went the L1 Solutions route. You do need an appointment time that you schedule online. They just do the fingerprints, and when you receive your receipt from them, you head over to the Police Station and drop off all your paperwork. You pay your local fee at the PD. Cash usually works at government institutions.

    The process is excellent and a lot faster. My fiance' received her LTCH within five days of completing the process.

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    I see your from Greenfield. I applied through the HCSD and recieved my lifetime within a matter of serveral weeks. Why go through the extra expense?

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    Five days was worth the $11 to me.

    Several weeks could be 4, could be 12, could be longer...

    Technically, its not even $11. By using L-1, you essentially pay the state with credit card via L-1. So you're saving the expense of a money order you'd have to get for the State.

    So $7 or so...

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