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    Armed Robber in Fishers on Wednesday Morning

    Looks like more thugs expanding to the 'burbs. About a mile from my house. WTHR - Indianapolis News Weather -Fishers man arrested in attempted armed robbery

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    J D
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    Too close to mine too, about a mile from Holland Park. I've seen some changes around here the last couple years. There have been little crews coming up from Indy into Fishers / Carmel for awhile. Mostly Burgleries and VT's. The biggest difference is this guy will be going bye bye, for 20+ unlike in Marion County.

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    Come in, Manacle Shark.
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    Too close for comfort here in the soon-to-be-Fishers area of Geist, I'm frequently in that area. I carry everywhere anymore, seems necessary. Sad to see things get this way, but I'll be damned if my family or I are victims.

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    Glad to see the crooks are using our public transportation to get to work, you have to go where the money is!
    "If we have learned anything from zombies it is that once you have had human flesh you can't be trusted to stop by the store the next time your hungry." - Repair

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    And people ask my why I want to move all the way out to Greenfield...

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    7 Felonies, tell him what he has won! Sounds like they handled it well. Immediately reduce the number of victims and protect yourself as well as possible.
    Appleseed Rifleman - 228 - I know what I am about.

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    The law is so weak, its no wonder why people are multiple offenders. It makes me sick when im watching cops and they say the person has been caught DUI 20 times before they finally lock them up for a few months.

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