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    College LTCH Question

    So, my daughter recently received her LTCH as a Senior in high school. She's an awesome kid and her training is going very well. She is looking at several colleges, some in state, some out of state. Once she makes her decision and moves to the campus, does she need to inform the ISP?

    Technically/legally, her permanent address will still be here with Mom and Dad....

    Thanks in advance for your input....

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    Great question. I was in this situation myself at college a few years ago. I actually applied for and received my LTCH while at college. On the application I listed my address as that of my parents, which was also on my driver's license. In the employment section I put student at my university, looking back I don't know that I needed to. Anyways, I had no issues/questions as to my residency, and assumed that because I still "technically" lived with my parents that I was good to go. It probably wouldn't hurt to notify anyways, just for their records. But I suppose if you do that then you have to notify again when/if she moves back home for the summer and every other time she has a change of address, no matter how temporary. Seems like a lot of work if her permanent address remains the same throughout. If I remember correctly, even though you notify them of a change of address they won't necessarily issue you a new LTCH, just update their records. As always, IANAL and TINLA.

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    congrats on your daughters success

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    ^^This, and I think as long as she receives mail there, it can be listed as her address.

    However: Please do not take my word for it. Contact ISP yourself and ask them.

    (Indiana State Police Firearms Licensing Section: 317-232-8264)

    When you get the answer, please post back here (and PM me as well.)

    I ask you to post it so everyone else can see it. I ask you to PM me because I'd like to add it to the FAQ.... Well, if we had one.


    Thanks for your help in keeping this a great forum!
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    I recently researched this for myself within the last month because my DL is under my parents address and my LTCH is under the address in which I am currently living. I called both my local BMV and ISP and was affirmed by both that as long as I could receive mail from both addresses I was good to go.

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    As stated above, I've always been under the impression (after researching) that if you receive mail from the address on your LTCH, you are good to go.

    Don't hesitate to make the call to ISP yourself though...It couldn't possibly hurt anything.
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    Hi All,

    First of all, thanks for the quick feedback.

    I just spoke with Megan at the ISP Firearms Licensing Section (Thanks for the number, Bill). She was very helpful and confirmed that the LTCH is related to the permanent residence.

    In my daughter's case, the legal permanent residence will remain in Noblesville during college, regardless of her status as an on-campus student. She has no duty to inform ISP of a new address.

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    The REAL question here, is if her college allows campus carry, and if that is a dismissable offense for them if she does.

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