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    Just another reason to Always Be Carrying.. ABC!

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    Even if he had been carrying .... things would have likely gone the same way or worse.

    Man said as soon as he got out of his vehicle there was a laser painting his head .....

    Also, the story did not mention if he was carrying or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swilk View Post
    Even if he had been carrying .... things would have likely gone the same way or worse.
    Agreed. In a situation like this, the bad guys have the drop- period. No amount of "awareness" or ninja like unholstering would have changed anything- or simply made it worse. I think the guy did the very best thing he could under the circumstances and I'm glad he got out alright.

    Did I hear him say that he pushed a "police button" with his nose? The audio was a little low, so I might have heard wrong.
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    Couple of things come to mind w/ this story. The first is that while the odds are low the stakes are incredibly high. Hence ABC as stated above. Can only imagine the outcomes had he been traveling w/ a female companion or relative. The second is about training. While I will continue to work on the basics of draw stroke, target acquisition and good trigger control, this story highlights the need for situational FOF training that removes the decision of who lives and who dies from the benevolence of the attackers. Given the speed w/ which he was placed behind the 8 ball it may not have made a difference. Nonetheless it strikes me as shortsighted (pun not intended) to think that progression through static targets prepares one for this kind of real threat.

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    This is why you dont want anyone to know your business. But that is not the only thing that will help keep you from being targeted. Situational awareness is key. Likely the entire neighborhood has been under surveillance by the criminals. A unfamiliar car in the neighborhood with someone setting in it just watching could be a criminal on a reconnaissance mission.

    Unfortunately my experience is that the police will not respond to a request to send a car around just to check on such a situation. The best thing to do is very overtly walk out and take a picture of the car, the occupant and the cars license plate. I live in a bad neighborhood and this is the method we use to keep both overt drug deals and observers from out of the neighborhood. The last thing a criminal wants is his picture taken.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dusterboy49 View Post
    One must be aware of what is going on at all times.
    There are people out there who will take advantage if they have the edge.
    Seems like this is happening more often too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kutnupe14 View Post
    Dsom, you are more correct that you know.
    Do tell!
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    Is he a member here? I hate to say it but these guys - according to the report - made off with a good sized collection. These guys waited until the homeowner had pulled inside the garage, then they rolled up under the closing door, targeting him with lasers. Again, according to the report and we all know how inaccurate they can be early on.

    My gut would say these guys knew him or of him and had it in their mind exactly what they wanted.

    * Someone he sold a gun to at his house.
    * Someone who worked at a gun store he bought a gun at and peaked at the NICS paperwork.
    * Someone on an internet gun forum whom he told his address.
    * Acquaintance of a friend/relative who talked to much.
    * Contractors at his house.
    * UPS/Fedex guy who blabbed about the number of shipments to his house.

    Guns are big targets for break-ins. As "Indiana Gun Owners," we are targets. Man, I'm one of the last folks to be referred to as paranoid or donning-a-foil-hat but this just reinforces the maxim to keep your mouth shut.

    Try to keep from being a target.

    I would feel better if they just kept publishing these rolls of State Licensees.
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    This would be about impossible to guard against

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    Quote Originally Posted by indyjs View Post
    This would be about impossible to guard against
    cctv would be a good start. Criminals don't like when you have video of them. You can find decent systems at Costco.

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