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    Quote Originally Posted by actaeon277 View Post
    You didn't answer "BOTH!"?
    The correct answer was, "Yes."

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    Not to mention, a smarmy response about knowing the law, before displaying ignorance of the law.
    "Una salus victis nullam sperare salutem."

    "A citizen may not be required to offer a 'good and substantial reason' why he should be permitted to exercise his rights. The rights existence is all the reason he needs." Benson Everett Legg - Woolard v. Sheridan

    If you're a noob, develop thick skin, and read the FAQs

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    Just got home from spending $101.98 at Walmart in Medford, Wi while open carrying the 226 and two extra mags on other side. I honestly donít think people 3-4 feet away even noticed. No screaming, yelling, fainting horses or such. Oh, that was four little bags and a gallon of milk!!!

    Usually do this Sunday after church, but we rode bikes. The same lady who does self checkout fraud control on Sunday was there, so she came over and talked to me for a little. Said her hours were getting cut from full time to 16 a week, and not happy about it at all. One of the first times I did self checkout I apparently put a steak in the bag without checking it thru, and she caught it. Totally honest mistake, but anyway she kind of lingers around me now it seems, at least it feels that way. I just figure sheís watching my back side, pretty sure sheís packing!!!! (Unlikely)

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    Did you see the two, three hundred pound women fighting over the last bag of Funyums?

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    Went out for a late breakfast with just my newspaper, at my regular local place. Owner knows me, and knows I OC. Medoís in Abbotsford, WI. I highly recommend it.

    Got up to get some strawberry jelly from another table and a customer asks me if itís legal to carry a gun like that? (Sig 226 SAO in El Paso Saddlery High Slide)

    Me: Yes, since 1848!

    Him: And youíve never had any trouble doing that?

    Me: I never said that.

    Him: Then why do they have a Concealed Carry License?

    Me: Thatís for people that think they need permission.

    Him: You see something new every day!

    Me: Hopefully!

    Him: Are all states the same?

    Me: No, there are about 51 different sets of rules.

    Then I listened to him and his lady friend (elderly Mom?) discuss how they didnít really think normal people needed to carry guns around town. She had her back to me and he kept leaning over so he could see me around her. I donít think my short and sweet answers were contributing to ongoing conversation much. I donít mind talking to people, but this was a crowded restaurant and almost required shouting to hear. Plus, I was wanting to eat while my food was hot.

    Iím not normal, nor do I really care what they think. I said have a good day as I left and they seemed somewhat relieved. I OC nearly every day around town and have not had a conversation with any one about firearms in quite a while. Locals all know me, I suspect these people were not.

    Owner as I was paying my bill: Thanks for coming in today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2A_Tom View Post
    Did you see the two, three hundred pound women fighting over the last bag of Funyums?
    Pretty docile crowd at our local Walmart. Iím probably the most controversial thing there on a normal shopping experience, and Iím pretty well behaved. Wife says Iím not allowed to get my name or picture in the paper.

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    Kind of joking. I OC nearly everywhere. I had my first need to educate experience in a long time a week or so ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2A_Tom View Post
    Kind of joking. I OC nearly everywhere. I had my first need to educate experience in a long time a week or so ago.
    Itís all good.

    I conceal at church, and if I need a jacket. Wisconsin has no license open carry, and I started to open carry in 2011 about when we first got a conceal carry option. Iíve had LOTS of discussions with people about firearms over the years. Iíve found you get about three basic questions, and Iíve modified my answers over time as Iíve learned what to say. And what not to say!

    This guy just kinda gave me an anti vibe, but mostly I wanted to eat my food hot and it was too loud to really have a discussion without everyone else hearing me.

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    On our way back from Chiraq on Monday, we stopped at Gelsosomo's Pizzeria in Valpo. I go my sidearm out of the console, exited the car and put it on my belt. My wife said a little old lady in her car was all agape as I armed myself and went in to eat. That was it. Sorry I missed her expression. The wife said it was pretty amusing.
    God bless America!

    Practicing traditional carry.

    Originally Posted by
    eric001YUP! It's the difference between using purple and being purple...

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    I open carried in Radius restaurant in the courthouse square in Valpo today.
    Eating beavers just to help save trees.

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