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    Not fun to shoot, but my Ruger LCP 380 is a great CC

    It has such a small frame and a fairly large round, along with a long trigger pull, that I do not enjoy shooting it. I like shooting my Ruger 9mm LCP a lot more, but it is too large for CC during the warmer months (although in the cooler months when it can be concealed by a coat, jacket or sweatshirt, I do carry it). Still, I need to be confident with the 380 in case of a personal protection incident, so I took it to the range today and fired a few magazines through it at 7 meters. Hit a 12" metal target 4 of 6 times on average (it only holds 6 rounds). Not too shabby. I figure that personal protection incidents usually occur at that range or less. I know ammo is scarce and expensive, and it seems that fewer people are going to the range, which depletes their ammo inventory. But it is important to be confident and accurate with your personal protection weapon. Going to the range, for me, is not only about practice and accuracy -- it is also about feeling confident in drawing and firing your weapon. Just my .
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    Yea, that's how I wanted to feel about my LCP, but it didn't work out. We had to part ways because that long trigger pull made my thumb get in the way, and I couldn't pull the trigger sometimes.

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    That pistol is kind of like a pocket knife. Sometimes you forget you're carrying it and is nice to have on you if you need it for a task.

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    Quote Originally Posted by netsecurity View Post
    Yea, that's how I wanted to feel about my LCP, but it didn't work out. We had to part ways because that long trigger pull made my thumb get in the way, and I couldn't pull the trigger sometimes.
    Same here. That trigger and the sore hand whenever I shot it was my deciding factor to sell mine. I do miss how easily it concealed though
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    mine is uncomfortable to shoot. I just don't enjoy it at all. My XD9SC conceals well enough though i don't ever do pocket carry. I suppose if I wanted that the LCP will come in handy but it's still going in the classifieds soon.
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    I'm confused. They don't make a 9mm LCP. They do make a 9mm LC9 and its brother the LC380.

    So, which are you referring to? Do you have an actual LCP 380?

    As far as discomfort shooting. Who cares, it's not intended to be a range gun. It's intended to save a life.
    If you ever need it in a self defense situation. You will not notice any discomfort. Put a CT laser on it, and it's the perfect pocket gun that rides great.

    Take to the range when you go, and shoot 2 or 3 mags through it to stay proficient with it, then put back in your pocket.

    The long trigger pull...a couple of weeks of daily dry fire practice for 5-10 minutes, and you'll forget about the trigger pull.
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    When a robber enters the business, you'll be the first one sho.........No. Wrong Thread.

    Contrary to popular belief, the benefits of having large breasts heavily outweighs any negative ris.......Argggh. Wrong Forum.

    Sorry, I know I've got it around here somewhere........

    As a self defense round, the 380 SUCKS. ...........I knew I'd find it..
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    INGO SUCKS.....

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    If you want you could just OC a 1911. I hear they are a joy to shoot and if you OC then you don't have to worry about how well it conceals.

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    I agree with Looney2ns. My LCP is not fun to shoot, especially in a wallet holster. I use it whenever I need concealment...that's the trade off.

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    I never had issue shooting my LCP. I've burned up several boxes in a sitting without any complaints. It's accurate enough for what it is and other than the 48lb, 17 mile long trigger pull, I've got zero complaints.

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