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    Always, at home, at work, at all places legal. A gun on your body is 2 seconds closer than a gun 5 seconds away.
    “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

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    Quote Originally Posted by possum_128 View Post
    Always, at home, at work, at all places legal. A gun on your body is 2 seconds closer than a gun 5 seconds away.
    Agree with you completely.

    BBI has a video that was part of the training in DC1 class. Some chick took a bullet trying to get a gun less than 5 seconds away.

    Off carry is is not a good idea because you are already behind when being robbed.
    "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."
    - Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

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    I carry all the time except in bed and then I have gunS within reach no matter how I sleep.
    Years ago I had my door kicked in by a couple of bad people with guns. My .45 was less than 8' away from me. It might as well have been 80' as I didn't have time to get to my gun before I had a cannon sticking to my head.
    Want to know what helpless is?
    Let them hold you hostage, fix themselves food and drink, go through everything you own, point a gun at your wife and baby while you sit there helpless.
    My only move would have been suicide by burgler and I'm sure my wife and son would have been next.
    Carry at home? You betcha I do.
    The more you sweat in training the less you bleed in battle.

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    I'll echo a few comments from up-thread:

    100% of home invasions happen at home.

    If I am dressed, I am carrying.

    I carry everywhere that is legal.

    There are a thousand reasons why. Neighbors don't have to like it, and I don't have to care.
    Ryan "ElDirector"

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    YES! As others have said, if I am awake I am carrying. I always at least have an LCP in my pocket.

    My home burglary experience was not nearly as traumatic or terrifying as halfmileharry's but I did arrive home from work one day to find people inside my house. I was unarmed and had my 2 year-old daughter in tow. The worst part was that I had left my night stand gun in the night stand, so I knew whoever was inside was now armed due to my carelessness.

    I backed out of the house and called police as the intruders ran out the back door. It took about 15 minutes for a patrol officer to arrive.

    My wife was also robbed at gunpoint in our driveway a few months prior after coming home late at night on a girl's night out.

    Since those incidents I am always armed anywhere it's legal.
    Well the sheriff couldn't catch me now, but his little girl? Sure wish she would.

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    I live in the second floor of a condo and unless they climb up the balcony, which is always locked, there's only one door and it's very solid with deadbolts. I unless I just got home and haven't changed or already dressed to go out but decided to wait, I am not carrying, but I do have guns nearby since the only other person I live with is my brother.
    "Adapt, Overcome & Improvise"

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    A couple of really great examples here on why to carry at home. Thanks for sharing!

    As for me, I usually don't carry openly. But when I'm home ill carry big pistols. My ruger single action 44 in a big chunk of leather because I like it and she likes the attention! I'll carry a 4" K frame in a galco pancake. I'm always armed, though. Always. There's a piece for sitting by the shower that won't rust but I don't actually take it in the water.
    'Christianity does not set faith against thinking but against assuming." T. Keller

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    Nope. I like to lounge in just some athletic shorts when I'm there is that. Quite frankly I carry so much gear when I'm working that I cherish the time when I can strip it all off.
    On the other side of fear lies freedom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trebor657 View Post
    Interested in other folks thoughts on this.....I would say 98% of the time I carry my weapon on my hip while I am at home. I don't reveal it, it is normally concealed but it is always readily accessible. The other day, a neighbor came over and asked me why I carry a weapon at home. I explained my reasoning to him and he just kind of shook his head and walked away.

    It is pretty much second nature to me and I have done this for years. In the past, there have been people posing as door to door solicitors push their way into someone's home and rob them and a few times abused the homeowner as well. I have a few weapons placed around my house but still have one on my hip as well. I asked my wife if this bothered her and she said she was glad I carried in and around the house. My thought is that if its needed, I don't want to or won't have time to run into the house or into another room to retrieve my weapon.....

    I am well trained and neighbors, visitors etc. do not even know I am armed at home. I don't believe I am being "paranoid" as my neighbor suggested, just prepared....What are your thoughts? Do you carry at home as well? Thanks for your input....
    ABSOLUTELY !!!!!
    I shoot slow, and hit every time!!!!!

    Donald J Trump, is MY President .....

    You, can't HANDLE, the TRUTH !!!!!

    YOU, want ME on THAT wall,

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    Yes. I carry all of the time unless I am at work.

    I even carried into a building this morning that did not allow revolvers in their business...

    I just don't feel safe in gun free zones...

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