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    Do you carry at home?

    Interested in other folks thoughts on this.....I would say 98% of the time I carry my weapon on my hip while I am at home. I don't reveal it, it is normally concealed but it is always readily accessible. The other day, a neighbor came over and asked me why I carry a weapon at home. I explained my reasoning to him and he just kind of shook his head and walked away.

    It is pretty much second nature to me and I have done this for years. In the past, there have been people posing as door to door solicitors push their way into someone's home and rob them and a few times abused the homeowner as well. I have a few weapons placed around my house but still have one on my hip as well. I asked my wife if this bothered her and she said she was glad I carried in and around the house. My thought is that if its needed, I don't want to or won't have time to run into the house or into another room to retrieve my weapon.....

    I am well trained and neighbors, visitors etc. do not even know I am armed at home. I don't believe I am being "paranoid" as my neighbor suggested, just prepared....What are your thoughts? Do you carry at home as well? Thanks for your input....

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    I carry from the time I get dressed until I get ready to go to bed. When I go to bed, the gun goes on the table next to my bed. I don't worry about concealing at home since it is my property and it is easier to get to if it is not under my shirt.

    We have had issues with stray dogs (sometimes aggressive) coming into our yard. We have also had various people trying to solicit or scam us. My favorite was the two guys attempting to sell me beef from the back of their beat up, rusted out pickup. The freezers in the back were as rusty as the truck and were not connected to any kind of power source. We live down a long drive, and our house is not visible from the road. My husband left, and literally seconds later these two guys were in my yard. They had to see him leave. The driver told me why they were here. I told him to leave and that I had no need for their beef. He proceeded to get out of his truck. I suggested firmly that he get back in and leave my property. He started to walk toward me, and I turned enough he could see my .45 on my hip. His partner saw it and told him to get back in the truck saying "Dude, she's got a gun". They left. I did report them to the police and shared on FB what had happened so my neighbors were aware they were in the area.

    I had a similar incident with guys trying to sell me road grindings for my driveway. husband left, and the guy immediately came up the drive. I told him no and to not come back. Two days later as I was leaving, I saw the same truck turning into my driveway. My husband wasn't home so I turned around and came back up to find him walking around the outside of my house. I got out of my truck and told him to leave again and said I better not have to do it a third time...again, he saw my gun as I had uncovered it as I got out of my truck.

    I've had a few comments from visitors, but I just tell them it's my house and I prefer to carry. It doesn't seem to upset anyone.

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    I mostly do not, when I get home I pull the gun out, put it in the safe, take everything out of my pockets and change clothes.

    However I do have 3 matching guns in the house placed in 3 different locations that I can access very quickly. I can have a gun in hand in 5 seconds no matter where I am unless I am in the basement (I almost never go in the basement)

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    100% of home invasions home.

    I carry all the time around the house. If I'm relaxing on the couch, it's always within easy reach. Night stand while sleeping.

    IMO, you aren't paranoid. You're smart. Keep rolling along, Bob. You're doing it right.
    God bless America!

    Practicing traditional carry.

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    eric001YUP! It's the difference between using purple and being purple...

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    I definitely carry at home. I live in a pretty quiet neighborhood, but two weeks after I had moved in to said neighborhood there was a person found shot in an alley two blocks from my house. I've also had slightly shady characters come knocking on my door asking me to donate money to help them go to college( clearly a scam, and possibly casing the area). Better safe than sorry in my book.

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    Unless your "reasoning" for carrying a firearm while at home is to "open pecans" it sounds like you now know of a neighbor that needs to mind their own business and let you live your life like you want to. I carry most of the time while at home unless I'm working on something where it would be more comfortable without a firearm. Sometimes I open carry at home, especially since I got my new holster (thanks Slow Hand!) but mostly conceal carry at home.

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    There's no problems with neighbors that can't be resolved with OC lawn mowing.

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    Home is where the home invasions happen so...
    Never stop burning tin.

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    If I'm wearing pants I'm carrying.
    "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."
    - Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

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    Quote Originally Posted by JettaKnight View Post
    There's no problems with neighbors that can't be resolved with OC lawn mowing.

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