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    Worst Carry I've Ever Seen in the Wild

    I'm assuming he's carrying this way so he can cavalry draw, but there's a good reason that's not in common use. Why on earth would you carry your gun this way? I saw this guy while I was out eating with my family and just for the life of me can't understand his holster positioning. Good for him with having a retention strap since he's OC'ing, but with that present there's just no scenario where this can be quickly drawn and placed on target. Does anyone here carry like this, am I missing something?

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    Maybe he got a deal on a left handers rig and being a brand new gun owner dose not know? My only guess! Really no idea

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    The only people I know that usr a cross draw is bikers, and the people I know are too ignorant to listen otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by croy View Post
    The only people I know that usr a cross draw is bikers, and the people I know are too ignorant to listen otherwise.
    ^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^

    Stupidity, is EVERYWHERE !!!!!
    I shoot slow, and hit every time!!!!!

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    He probably saw one of these Hollyweird movies with some "super-bad chicks" dual-wielding Desert Eagles and thought that 3733+ way they did cross draw looked rad.

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    From history Wild Bill Hickok carried two single action pistols this way. It came from Calvary days while carrying a sword on the left side in a cross draw. The butt forward made getting out of chairs easier. No practical use today.
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    Maybe he's thinking that he can draw with either hand? But since he's open carrying it's all just academic

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    Ugh it also looks like a cheap and floppy nylon holster, even worse
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    But did he have another to match on the left side?
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    JFC, maybe he ran out of forehead tape.

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    n/m - hoosierdaddy1976 beat me.

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