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    Anyone else notice more OC?

    Seems the last couple of months I have noticed more people open carrying? I would like to think I 'm just being more observant due to the training I've had this year? OR possibly with all that is happening more people are taking up the torch?
    What do you think INGO?

    PS.. I'll say it again, if you ARE carrying OC or CC training is you friend.

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    I see it once a week or so in Tippecanoe County.
    Been that way for a year or two.
    Menards, Payless, Fazoli's, trash transfer station, gas stations...
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    Targets....Beach Grove Wal Mart is where I see people packing the most.

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    I've only seen one in the last 2 years. Every-time i see a cellphone on the hip I do a double take.

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    Agreed. Here in the NE area, I have seen more carrying in the last couple of years that I have seen before. But again, I am with you in the aspect of..... is it just me noticing it more or is it really happening more.

    But the more I think through it, the more people I personally know who are now carrying now days. I can think of a dozen or so people who have got their license and carry now in the last 8 or so years.

    My emphasis now is getting as many people as possible to get some real training. NOT a book or video...that doesn't count. A book or video cannot critique and evaluate your fundamentals and technique at the range.
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    We have seen a lot more folks sporting a sidearm in the open.

    Training. Yes.

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    Last couple of months?
    Wonder if it has anything to do on the ISC's ruling that police can't do a Terry stop just because you are displaying a handgun

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    It seems to me that I have seen less people OC'ing.
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    Rarely see OC. Saw it once this week. Cop off duty at gas station. He said it was his duty gun.
    Orher than that almost never. I see CC (done poorly enough to let me notice) but most people would not have noticed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mgderf View Post
    I see it once a week or so in Tippecanoe County.
    Been that way for a year or two.
    Menards, Payless, Fazoli's, trash transfer station, gas stations...
    I saw a younger guy with 4 kids ( ages 3 to 7) open carrying at Pepe's. Personally, I think a whip and a chair would have been sufficient....but, to each his own.


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