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    Quote Originally Posted by eldirector View Post
    IF they concealed their contempt as well as they concealed their handgun, it would be a much more meaningful conversation.
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    Man blasts suspected trailer thief with shotgun on SW Side, San Antonio police say
    The man caught the three suspects, men in their 20s, stealing his trailer at about 4:10 a.m. in the 5400 block of Painted Horse Street.

    He followed the suspected thieves for a few blocks before confronting them. The suspects and trailer owner exchanged gunfire, and one of the suspects was struck by a shotgun blast. The other suspects fled.

    Paramedics took the suspect to University Hospital for treatment.

    The owner of the trailer is not expected to face criminal charges in the shooting.

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    Palmetto City Commission back to work following recent self defense shooting involving commissioner

    This happened last month, but just found the article noting the commissioner's first public meeting since the incident:

    Williams was home with his daughter on Riverside Drive. He opened fire on Avelino Vasquez-Perez after the suspect forced his way into Williams' garage, attempting to break into his home. Two bullets struck Vasquez-Perez and he was then captured by police.
    "The circumstances of this particular incident were pretty cut and dry and allowed for a pretty quick conclusion about whether the use of force was justified," said Chief Scott Tyler with the Palmetto Police Department. "And we believe the commissioner was defending his home and his family.”

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    South Carolina:

    Witnesses at the scene reported that two men were arguing outside of a business where a child’s birthday party was being held. While in the parking lot, one of the men was armed with a knife and made threats to get a handgun from his vehicle.

    After making threats he allegedly discharged his firearm at the second man who in returned fire resulting in a fatal injury. After the shooting, the uninjured man called 911 and immediately surrendered to law enforcement when officers arrived on scene. ...

    After interviewing several witnesses the shooting is now considered an act of self-defense by police and no charges will be filed.
    UPDATE: Coroner ID?s man killed in self-defense shooting outside of child?s birthday party in Columbia Saturday


    It appears the deceased party, who was 30 at time of death, was charged with three counts of robbery and nine counts of kidnapping as part of a robbery gang when he was 19.
    Four suspects charged with over 20 robberies
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    We are Homo Ludens. We are those who play.

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    A little more info on the same incident:

    Suspect shot dead in reported home burglary on southeast side
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    Quote Originally Posted by GPIA7R View Post
    O.K. Ingo legal eagles.
    Is this kosher?
    The article says the home owner "arranged for someone to be in the house...".

    I know it is legal for you to protect your own property, but does this situation bring up any legal challenges for the shooter? What about the other guy inside with him?
    I'm guessing they were not members of an armed security service per se, at least that wasn't reported.
    Would that make a difference, being paid as security?
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    No evidence they baited them in. Just arranged to have an armed presence, for safety, makes sense.
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    They "why" of a person's presence at a location doesn't matter much. (Heck, even criminals doing crime have a right to self defense at a certain level.)

    It will matter if the person had a reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury.

    I guess the "new" castle doctrine stuff (I still think of it as new) might come into play, but mostly it'll be an assessment of self defense, IMHO.
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    When did Indiana enact a castle doctrine? IC?

    I thought we had no duty to retreat. Supreme court 18??.

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