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    FBI agent negligent shooting

    Incredible ignorance on display by an FBI agent caught on video, resulted in a man being shot.
    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots

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    The trained professional was quoted as saying, "Eet ain't low-dead!"
    Denny Reichard, RIP.

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    I just don't feel safe in gun free zones...

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    The modern handgun didn't fire when dropped from a distance of maybe 4 feet, yet discharged when the trigger was pulled. Strange. The late Jeff Cooper would not be pleased with Agent Backflip McNegligentdischarge-Soontobesuedandunemployed.
    INGOer #25,448

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    Retention holster level 0.
    Justin B. - "Make them watch Wonder Woman. They'll molon labe after that!"

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    As the news anchor stated... Unbelievable. Whats the saying 'Play stupid games...' Geesh.

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    You know hat plane full of rubber dog**** that Maverick would be flying from Hong Kong? Well, you just met future gate security.
    I Have the Worst Crew Ever

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    Wouldn't want to be "that guy" on Monday morning! Now that it's been proven that he should have his 2A rights stripped (G19X) he can't even be a security guard at BigLots!
    Yes I am for gun control!! A firm grip, steady aim, and a gentle squeeze!!

    What comes after your first "infraction"? Double Secret Probation perhaps???

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    Doing flips while doing mexican carry... what could possibly go wrong...

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