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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank_N_Stein View Post
    If they are refusing to share what they saw, they aren't helping anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dleak View Post
    my wife and i have been involved in the peaceful sign waving protests in front of the montgomery county courthouse . we were approached this afternoon by a man claiming to have been the car slowely driving past the scene when they heard 4-6 shots . they have been scared to take their witness accounts directly to the ISP . later this evening my wife was contacted via social media by a lady claiming to be the car behind them that u-turned and left the scene . she has been in contact with the Rightsell family and their attorney and told to remain quiet , also afraid to go directly to ISP . possibly more
    to this story than has been released so far .
    Like has been said, they need to tell someone. If they are afraid of retaliation the best thing they can do is make the story public and seen.
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    thank you all , we advised them very much the same as many of you have. suggested !

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHCRandy View Post
    I still like my idea. Axon or Digital Ally provide cameras at no cost in exchange for the rights to broadcast what is stored on cameras, department pay storage. I would think if Googlemaps can block faces and numbers, why can't the same be done with body cams? I guess the law Pence signed on body cams has really added extra costs to departments. I personally think the "We cant afford it" excuse don't cut it. With the money we waste escorting windmills and flagging traffic...
    Brcause google doesn’t do that in real time on moving video. They do it as the data is uploaded and before it is added to the servers for public access.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Freeman View Post
    A confused cop is an arresty cop.
    Quote Originally Posted by hoosierdoc View Post
    also, where do we sign up to touch Frank's equipment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denny347 View Post
    It shouldn't be that long unless there is an active shooter out. 5-10 minutes is typical for all the scenes I've worked. For instance, I responded to a scene where husband shoots wife and adult son. Husband (Oc'ing with a CCW badge on his belt haha) waits for us on front porch. We had to clear the house before medics could come in. Wife was REALLY shot up and dead, so no helping her, son survived. The delay wasn't more than 5 minutes longer than if the scene was cold from the start. For the countless scenes just like that i've worked, 5 minutes average is typical for us in the city. Now I will say that we've waited 20 minutes for EMS on a run of the mill medic call because the closest one was coming from the other side of town. That was in the City, I bet in could be longer for rural at times.
    Rural response for officer assistance runs completely depends on the call. We have responded to an officer shot in the county and it took us 7 minutes to respond. We have also responded in the same area for an officer who needs a subject checked out before transport and it took us about 11 minutes. Then again the are also areas that are 18-23 minute response times while responding hard.
    Quote Originally Posted by LockStocksAndBarrel View Post
    Good point, stephen87! As usual it was well thought out, concise, and well, brilliant.

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    "He who rides a tiger cannot dismount." James H. Howard

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    We do the same thing. They go to the Grand Jury
    On the other side of fear lies freedom.

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    When do we light our pitchforks and tie our torches?
    Yes I am for gun control!! A firm grip, steady aim, and a gentle squeeze!!

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    Saw this on TV this evening. Still no way of knowing what exactly happened but the was the new anchor said things was a little different that Rightsell went for his gun. The anchor said that Rightsell refused to obey orders and was then shot. No mention of going for a gun. I understand you cannot trust the media to get things right or precise, but very interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by femurphy77 View Post
    When do we light our pitchforks and tie our torches?
    About two weeks ago.

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