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    What Did You Carry Today

    Forgive a new guy if I missed it. I see a Where Did You Carry Today but is there a What Did You Carry Today sticky?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattDM View Post
    Forgive a new guy if I missed it. I see a Where Did You Carry Today but is there a What Did You Carry Today sticky?
    You carry a G2C I see. I just picked one up recently, although I haven't carried it much.

    Today was the Ruger LCP in a DeSantis sticky pocket holster. I'm waiting on an Alabama Holster kydex, but the lead time is like 12 weeks.
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    1911A1, with Critical Duty 230 Gr. hollow points with an 8 round magazine + 1 in the tube in a Galco Matrix M7 OWB holster on a Daltek Bio Belt, 2 spare 8 round mags, a cheap flashlight and knife.

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    S&W Shield 40 cal. Carried in a Kydex IWB holster, and a spare 7 rd mag on a kydex mag carrier. Holster was a budget $19.99 Ebay deal, mag case was $14.95. Best carry and perfect fit. I actually never used Kydex before, as a leather die hard guy using Galco or DeSantis mostly. I ordered a few more to carry my Sig 226, Glock 19, and 1911A. Have been trying new things and like no snaps or straps on CCW firearms.

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    Glock 17M and a S&W 642....just like every other day......
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    Ruger P90DC in a Sally's Cop Shop Concealed Carry Vest sporting 240gr +P copper HPs.
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    Dan Wesson Guardian 38 Super in a Bladetech IWB holster and a NAA 22 Mag in a pocket holster. Need to find a 1911 holster I like and feel more comfortable with.

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    I carried a Sig P239-357 in a kydex IWB holster. Knife as always was a Spyderco PM2.

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    G43 in a Galco IWB + 2 extra mags
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    Same as yesterday: Glock 26 Gen 3 with 2 round extension in a custom kydex from Parabellum (Indiana Flag, sprung for that over the basic black.) X2 17 round spares in a nylon with velcro mag carrier. Cheap folder with seat-belt cutter and window breaker. iPhone 8 (my i5 that was a hand-me down from my wife finally died a while back) with a cheap/from Wal-Mart nylon/velcro clip-on carrier (I tend to break the expensive ones.) Big wad of keys and a wallet with too much stuff other than cash.
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