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Thread: Bump in the night, likely tweaker on the porch hands in pocket...lessons learned

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    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post
    Now that would be a good cup of coffee right there.

    Maybe even ham ham and eggs 😎
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    I still care....Really
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trapper Jim View Post
    Maybe even ham ham and eggs 😎
    Yes sir. On me of course.

    In the written word there is loss. Nuances and intentions are very hard to convey. Emotions can be mis-read.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trapper Jim View Post
    I too like my FO sights on my race guns but still will only carry solid steel on the street. I have seen too many failures of FO. They get compromised by the elements and cleaning agents, become brittle and then fall out when you need them most. Not to mention breaking on urban clutter. The frame work that holds the tube is a weak link as well. I can rip a jugular, tear up unwanted hands on my gun, break glass, even rip open a bag of beans if need be and my front sight will still be there. Just sayin...
    This is the end of a big chunk of what is left of your gun rights.

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    I got one of those video doorbells. My house, like yours is not tactically set up, I have to walk past the front door window to get to my firearms if they are not on my person. The video doorbell gives me the chance to at least see what is going on from a hidden location before I turn to corner to a surprise. If the coast is clear, I can get to my firearms quickly. If it isn't, I can escape through an alternate exit.

    There are many on the market, for about $200 bucks, you can likely install in yourself - I did.

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    When I move into a house; I take the screws out of the door hinges and replace the screws with 4" long ones. Same on the plates for the latches. You did well. Looking to do better is smart.

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    We received a Ring doorbell as a gift, I like having it. I can get movement and doorbell notifications. I can view the camera live at any point. I can talk to who is at the door and hear what they have to say. The battery is going on 1 year and 4 months on the initial charge. I pay a $35 yearly fee for local notifications from other users and it stores video for playback a longer period.

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