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    Bump in the night, likely tweaker on the porch hands in pocket...lessons learned

    We live in a quiet neighborhood in Fishers, so things rarely happen. Tonight, at 10:30pm, I heard banging on my front door. As I stood up from my couch, I observed a shirtless white male with hands in pockets tweaking out on the other side of largely glass door ten feet in front of me, peering through my front window and banging on the door staring at me and then waving. I went straight to our bedroom (right by front door), alerted my wife and called 911 after retrieving an illuminated/suppressed firearm.

    I secured our childrenís room, pulled all blinds completely shut, turned on all exterior lights and waited for the police.

    Turns out, it was a very very drunk friend of a neighbor who was confused what house he was returning to. Total response time until arriving at my house was 15 minutes. Total response time from banging on door until firearm in hand, 15 seconds.

    What I did well:
    -Stayed inside, secure and safe with family
    -Immediate firearm access
    -After threat was gone and awaiting police, I placed my firearm on a table to the side of the door and covered it with a jacket, instead of keeping it in hand or holstered (too many 911 callers get shot), or waiting until I saw police. Do not have it in your hand when police arrive; you may not see them coming. Stay inside until police arrive, donít be mistaken for the bad guy. Donít create any possible unfortunate accident.

    What we learned:
    -My wife should have grabbed her firearm
    -My wife should have placed the 911 call,
    not me. I was not observant of the situation during my call.
    -Our front door has too much view of our interior in general. Curtains on order. I did not like that he could see me assessing the situation.
    -I should have alerted 911 I was armed and would disarm once I saw a police vehicle and before making contact. Too much risk a cop could have approached my front door without me seeing and noticed a gun in hand.

    Glad all is well. Not 100% sure if they verified he was truthful, or just let him go and gave me the bogus story he told, but Iíd imagine they would have verified. Good lessons learned weíll take into account and discuss now!! Be safe all.
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    Sounds like a pretty intense situation, seems like you kept your cool and safely dealt with it though. Glad everything turned out ok. Quite alarming.

    You could have fired 40 warning shots to outdo the guy who fired 39.

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    Good job. Noticing the things you can improve on is good.

    I'll toss up a "what if". What if the knock on the door had been a bust through door? Would 15 seconds to retrieve the firearm been quick enough?

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    A gun on your person in the house. This seems overkill and extreme to a lot of people. You just experienced a situation that thoroughly backs it up. Good job not going outside.

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    Good to hear things worked out. Neighborhoods are quiet, until the tweaker shows up on your porch.
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    I'm glad this turned out ok. Where you live is no reason to be more readily armed. Many people think they have spent enough money to be in a less crime infected area and have good police protection and that all residents are perfect people. Fact is, we do not know what goes on in other peoples lives. We like to think the best of them but your neighbor could have been a dope dealing punk or having an extreme emotional love spat or etc. Do you have strong relationships with everyone on your block or like many, do you just refer them as the people that drive the blue car? At pounding, my strong hand is ready for presentation and I am quickly checking my rear for accomplice perps coming in the back door or windows while keeping an eye on tweaker. Did your bright security lights go off in the yard lighting up the place like a ballpark at a nightgame? Any alarms tripped? These are all clues to help decide if you should call 911. (not always your best bet). Not knowing what kind of firearm or caliber, it is hard to say that you may in fact put your family at more risk than needed. The CR 9 (Conditioned Response) could have been a nightmare based on your weapon choice and skill set. Do or can anyone else join you in the fight? There are many things we don't know about this event but perhaps it is a good place to start learning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chenowethpm View Post
    Sounds like a pretty intense situation, seems like you kept your cool and safely dealt with it though. Glad everything turned out ok. Quite alarming.

    You could have fired 40 warning shots to outdo the guy who fired 39.
    He could have a gofundme too!! Buy the kids some wrenches for next time.
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    Thanks for sharing. You gave me a few things to think about.

    Very happy everyone is safe...
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    To add to the what if above. Did I read that right? You would have to walk past the front door to get to your bedroom on the right?

    Had he kicked in the door and controlled that immediate area. Would you have been able to go to your bedroom to get your firearm? Or had your wife grabbed it, and defended her position, would you have been in the backdrop of her fire?

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    I am glad for you neighbor, Fishers will be like Lawrence soon enough, nothing stays nice forever.

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