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Thread: State Fair

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    State Fair

    So who went, how was it? Security still using metal detectors? I know I can't ccw my gun but how about a tdi blade?

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    Something something... city ordinance. “administrative code” Something something... concealed. Something something... infield parking.
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    Something something state administrative code....something something.
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    something, something, thrown out, something, something, confiscated, something, something, not just during the fair any longer but year-round (unless for sale/trade at an event or locked in your vehicle) and everyone but LE/security actually working at the fairgrounds, something, something, includes knives and anything else remotely considered a weapon.
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    Something something concealed means something something concealed.

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    something something something funnel cakes something something

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    The north entrance we used last Saturday had us go through metal detectors. Not just wanding.

    I do not know if infield parking / entrance goes through metal detectors.

    I also suspect that it's still quite easy to bring in prohibited items.
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    My wife used infield parking today and called to tell me that they were using metal detectors at those entrances

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    Quote Originally Posted by ditcherman View Post
    Something something concealed means something something concealed.
    Personally, I tend to not "break the law" (yes, I know it is IAC) just so I can be entertained. If the State does not want me to attend, then I simply will not attend, and I will not give them my $$$. Plenty of other opportunities for fairs, festivals, and shows for my family to attend this summer, without compromise.

    And yes, I have written the Fair Board and my State reps voicing my displeasure in the updated IAC, and the fact that they no longer want me to attend ANY show their (Gun shows, travel shows, fair, etc...) with the updated rule.

    But, that's just me. Ya'll can do as you wish.

    Ryan "ElDirector"

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