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    Another Idiot at Walmart (Ft. Wayne)

    WTF is wrong with people. Yes it is their right however stop asking for someone to shoot and kill you!!!

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    Could have been a bullet proof vest? Could also have been a fishing vest or a tactical looking jacket.

    A handgun properly holstered. Could have been ME except I'm not in Ft Wayne. I do not normally open carry but have let my sidearm show before especially when using my OWB holster.

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    You should have read some of the FB posts!! All the misspelled words and misinformation. I understand flexing your rights, it does seem out of place for an individual to be wearing body armor and a holstered weapon at Walmart guess it’s the sign of the times!!

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    Maybe an actual picture of this guy will pop up on People of Walmart. I would not be surprised if his mommy still dresses him.

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    And I'll be surprised if its actual body armor. Usually its a load bearing vest. Apparently if its tactical, black, and covers the torso its assumed to be bulletproof.
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    also, where do we sign up to touch Frank's equipment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameramonkey View Post
    And I'll be surprised if its actual body armor. Usually its a load bearing vest. Apparently if its tactical, black, and covers the torso its assumed to be bulletproof.
    ...cause it makes perfect sense to wear any "tactical" vest on a trip to Walmart.

    And, OC/CC debate aside....maybe a few weeks of discretion when people are on edge...
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    I still care....Really
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    There needs to be more info. The social media responses from the stoned out basement dwellers is mind boggling.
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    HOLY ****!!!! He SHOPPED and LEFT without incident!

    I bet he didn't really have that many bullets on him, that was probably just mom sweating!
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    When I was subjected to a mugging at Wal-Mart, I wore a Pacers t-shirt and Levis.

    Lafayette is not a large urban area:
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    Possibly his defense could be he was concerned for his mother's safety and was protecting her. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Considering the big picture before heading for wally world in any sort of tactical appearing vest and open carrying would be the prudent thing to do but in today's world prudent as well as common sense is out the window.

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