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    IU Memorial Stadium

    I am going with my sonís High School Band to IU football game tomorrow. Being a Purdue Grad I hope I donít burst into flames, and being a Life member of the NRA I hope they donít arrest me as a domestic terrorist.

    So high school trip to IU while driving the truck with band equipment obviously some of my normal load will be left behind. What am I allowed to take??? I hope I can take my Swiss Army knife because you know...I might need a knife. The IU website just says no weapons but doesnít specify.
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    I haven't been in years so my information is probably obsolete but I don't think you get scanned or anything. I don't think they allow backpacks or purses in unless they're see-through.
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    This is coming from a fellow band pit and prop dad for now my 10th year including about a dozen trips into the RCA Dome and Lucas Oil. Intermingle whatever additional "tools" you may need with the band equipment and retrieve them once past any security check points. My first time at ISSMA State Finals I was concerned as you are now. Standing on the field I realized that I could have brought my MP5 inside in the tool box in the back of the Gator and no one would have known but me. Ironically, that same show, my wife and mother in law had to break off the small sticks on the bands flags they were taking into the stands because they were considered weapons. In close to 100 competitions I have never seen any staff or pit and prop personnel stopped, questioned or searched, anywhere. It's security theater at its finest.
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    Security theater is a very dangerous thing. The guy on crutches, well thatís easy to fake and after 4 years on them personally, yes they can be weapons.

    On a side note the number of in-searches / non confiscated pocket knives of ffa kids, band kids, etc that get waved through would be shocking to some Iím sure. Iíd say my band busses had about 90% pocket knife rate including the girls. And that was in 1999/2000

    oddly all those knives and guns under seats and such, and there was no shootings!

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    They had the kids drop their instruments after practice. So no carrying stuff in and out. Apparently they are wise to people being able to take stuff through security. Guess it is my light and blade less SAK. Which I donít feel unsafe with those items.

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