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Thread: Any CC a .38 special anymore?

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    Any CC a .38 special anymore?

    Just being curious...but does anyone still CC a 5-shot .38 snubbie revolver anymore?

    If so, what is your preferred ammo for personal defense?

    Just being curious...
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    I carry a 642 as a backup. Itís loaded with CorBon DPX +P ammunition.
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    My wife has one. She uses the hornaday reduced recoil loads because she's recoil sensitive
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    A Taurus 85 on the ankle.
    Hornaday Critical Defense 110 gr FTX

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    S&W Model 60 with a bobbed hammer. I also use Hornady Critical Defense.

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    My dad carries a tuned up S&W642 that I gave him. Ammo is Speer 135 gr +P short barrel.
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    S&W 442 w/Federal 135gr,
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    Mdl. 36 Chief's Special. I've been looking for some of the Chicago/New York/FBI loads. They had a plain lead 158gr. SWC HP.

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    When I CC, it's either my LCR or my J-frame. I have dabbled in other brands of ammo, but I keep coming back to Remington Ultimate Defense.

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    Iím not sure why anyone would given the size to capacity ratio of semi autos these days.

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