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    Quote Originally Posted by Ark View Post
    I hear quotes like that and I find myself unable to comprehend how a person like that was ever able to function up to this point or will ever be able to function in the real world after they leave college.
    I would say they are in for a rude awakening once they graduate. But the way this country is going, I'm not so sure anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamil View Post
    Of course student reactions were appropriately hoplophobic.
    "Whether it was a serious incident or not anytime there is a firearm or anything present it should be a bigger issue than it was made out to be," said Cardinal Towne resident Austin Stewart.

    Because guns are scary and evil and just go off arbitrarily like they have minds of their own and we're conditioned to dial it up to 11 whenever guns are even mentioned. How dare they not be more triggered like...

    And then there's the person who lived in the apartment above.
    "If I would have been standing in my closet doorway I would have been shot 100 percent"

    Yep 100% shot. Not 26% shot, not 72% shot, not even 97.324% shot, but to the fullest extent in the entire spectrum of being shot--100% shot. Because being shot is not a binary outcome of being shot or not shot, severity notwithstanding. No, it is indeed a spectrum where in this case she would have been all the way shot and not just kinda shot. She goes on to say,
    "Come to find out they had actually confiscated six guns from his room and still deemed it not necessary to send out a RAVE alert or let anyone know."

    Now a RAVE alert is just an alert on a phone app. Recently a student was punched by a homeless dude for not giving him money when he asked, and they sent an alert on that. If that's the standard, I guess they could have sent out an alert for this, maybe as a reminder that guns aren't allowed on campus or campus affiliated facilities. But c'mon, the real alert is that they confiscated SIX of this dude's guns! And yeah, he had an ND, and that's a big deal. I get that. But gun people on campus should be reminded that if they get caught with firearms on campus, they're gonna take them away.

    Of course more hoplophobia:
    "I no longer feel safe in my own apartment. I don't even feel safe on campus anymore."

    Because the spirit of those 6 guns in the apartment below are still there to haunt students and are free to roam the entire campus! Not safe. NOT SAFE I tell you. Must to safer spaces.
    She was probably thinking of Fragmentation Ammo. You know, the kind where the fragments are designed to seek out every part of your body to make sure that you're, "100% shot".

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