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Thread: Carry Ammo

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    9mm Federal HST 124gr nickel plated, rifle gets nickel Speer gold dot 55gr. I havenít really looked into what 300 BLK Iíll run once my build is finished. Maybe 194 Lehigh.
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    Carbine is loaded with Black Hills 77gr SMK'S , out of my LWRC it is a consistent .75 MOA shooter. The LPVO is zeroed for 100 yards while the offset RMR has a 15 yard zero
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    I don't care about the case. I select carry loads based on performance. For me that means HST for 9mm and 38.

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    Hornady Safety Ammo. Mostly Critical Defense.

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    My AR has a mag of Hornady 5.56 62 gr hollow points locked and loaded.

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    147gr HST in 9mm, 185gr Critical Defense in 45acp. 75gr Hornady BTHP match in AR15.
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    Hornady Critical Duty, Sig Sauer P365 and hollow points.

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    Sig or Federal

    I tend to gravitate towards Sig or Federal. Anything with a hollow point. I've seen reviews/reports that the hollow points filled with polymer can cause an occasional malfunction (but I'm sure that depends on the gun). Has anyone had issues with polymer filled hollow points?

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    I've never had any issues with Hornady Critical Duty and any of my CZs.

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