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    Printing and concealed carry

    Due to my body shape I prefer owb vs iwb. but I do print. Any suggestions? I have done extensive research and I am probably kicking a dead horse but I cannot find a law that says Indiana has to be cc. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Open carry is totally legal in Indiana. (someone will be along with some codes shortly)

    In the summer I carry both IWB and OWB and printing just happens. Sometimes my shirt comes completely up depending what I'm doing. I really am not trying to hide it much or worry about it and for the most part, people just don't see it. Most sheep are oblivious.

    There is a good write-up on INGO from a while back but it still holds true.
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    Dont sweat it. Most people dont even realize you are carrying when you OC. If they see you printing they wont have a clue. We tend to overthink this.

    Unless you are carrying in a non permissive environment (carrying where it is illegal) dont worry about it.

    And if anyone happens to say "hey, whats that bulge?" answer one of two answers "insulin pump" or "colostomy bag interface". (either will likely cause the questioner to not want to push it further)

    Hell, I "OC" IWB all the time. Hardly anyone notices. My pastor's 9yo grandson saw it and asked "what is that?" He didnt realize it was a gun, because he couldnt see the whole thing and connect the dots.

    Relax. Its not as obvious as you think.
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    Indiana law is silent on CC vs OC. Carry however you wish and go about your day.
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    First question: Do you have an Indiana LTCH (License To Carry Handgun)?

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    of course

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    You have a license to carry a handgun.

    It's not a concealed carry permit.

    As others have said. Carry however you choose.

    I partake in both, pending on where I'm going.
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    In Illinois I had a CCW permit. There is no open pistol carry there. Had to hide the pistol. Printing was a no no. The way people were in Northern Illinois from Rockford to Chicago, They would call the cops on you if they thought you had a gun. Back in Indiana with a LTCH now, I don't care if I print. I just make sure I am aware of it. And I will stay vigilant of anyone else paying attention to it like when I open carry.
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    My style is "sloppy CC" - large frame pistol in OWB holster with a sweater over it. I fully expect to be in the "where did you see CC?" thread.
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    Midnight Rider

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    Exactly. Shop around and buy a sturdier shirt, maybe sized a little bigger. A solid thicker t-shirt like a Carhart or Duluth does fine or have your Hawaiian style collared shirts pressed with a slight starch.

    Also, up your pants size if needed to get the IWB holster in there.

    A little printing doesn't matter, but you should be able to stand up strait and it goes away.

    A lot of times, folks that print badly carry at 4:00. The gun just sticks out like sore thumb. Move that gun around to 3:00, with a holster cant that will lay the grip against your body. Your right arm/elbow will mask it all. This also makes for a much better drawstroke, if heaven forbid you have to do that.

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