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    Lawrence County Sheriff's Office and Mitchell PD STOP PROCESSING LTCH APPS!!!


    Props to BEDFORD POLICE DEPARTMENT for not following these other agencies!

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    What the hell?
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    IC 35-47-11.1 / end thread
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    Greenwood PD is doing the same thing.

    I do not know how it is legal for them to do so. There simply HAS to be a way to do this and not have much "social distance" contact with the great unwashed masses.

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    ISP still processing? Mine ticked over to "approved" last week.

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    I still care....Really
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    This is insane but are any of us really surprised.
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    I believe Mitchel PD started this in our State.
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    I don't suppose the ACLU would take the case.
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    In related news. from the Maryland state police site:

    Pursuant to Governor Lawrence Hogan’s declaration of a state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and his order elevating the Pandemic Flu and Other Infectious Diseases threat to Level II, effectively immediately, theMaryland Department of State Police - Licensing Division offices located at 1111 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, will close to the public for walk-in service.The building’s closure to the public will remain in effect until the declared state of emergency is terminated and the catastrophic health emergency is rescinded.
    I guess they have only one location for this? Maryland is not very big and hostile to boot.


    The Governor of Maryland issued an order extending the expiration of all state issued licensed that would normally expire and be renewable during the time frame of the state of emergency to 30 days past the end of the state of emergency.

    It specifically says "all"; driver licenses, vehicle registrations, and occupational licenses are specifically called out as "included", but says any license issued by the state or any agency or any political subdivision.

    So I guess you can't get a new "handgun wear and carry permit" but if your old one expires during the emergency it's still good until 30 days after the emergency is lifted.

    Also agencies and subdivisions can relax statutory time limits for the duration. I predict that among other things the court calenders are going in the toilet.

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    Contingent on your ability to convince a hostile Maryland police officer that your expired permit isn't really expired, of course.

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