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    I use one of those "car vault" style mini "safes". They are metal, so the can't crack, they have a cable lock so you can lock them to your luggage, since the lock is integral, you can't just bolt cut the lock off or break the plastic around the lock. I know these can be pried open, but I feel like it would be harder to sneakily get open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigblitz View Post
    Maybe a Glock.
    Borrowed my kid's XD last time I did it. Same thing.
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    Flying with a gun is easy just make sure to check your specific airlines website to make sure you comply with their specific rules, there are some slight variations from airline to airline

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    True its no problem at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunsmiff12B View Post
    I flew Denver to Chicago, had a 22 rifle, checked it and everything was fine until I landed and it came out with every body else’s bags in the baggage claim, and went around a few times with people awkwardly looking around to see who would grab it. My case was also missing a latch. Other than that everything was smooth. As previously stated, don’t take something nice
    I had a similar situation where my rifle case came out with the regular baggage, whereas previously it was by claim with oversized baggage (same airline). Funny thing, I was asked what I was hunting, and I said prairie dogs, which got a shocked look... lol.

    Anyway, it was a smooth process but it did make me worry about losing a nice rifle.

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    I've never had an issue and it only takes one situation to completely justify any inconvenience while traveling.

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