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    Taking a pistol along on Vacation

    Need some Personal Experiences & Advice: Planning a Family Vacation in the Fall. Plan to Fly (Commercial) out West (MT, SD, WY, etc). Not Hunting, just Seeing the Sights. Would prefer to take a Pistol for PPE & wondering just how much of a hassle it is. Done my homework on CCL Regs in those States along with Airline & TSA Regs. Looking for some input from anyone that has Flown Commercial with firearm(s) & ammo in their Ck'd Luggage. BTW, I'm Not Law Enforcement, so that part of the Regs do not apply. Thanks in advance for any Experiences or Suggestions.
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    I have several times. It was a non issue each time.
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    Take something that wonít be missed if lost or damaged.

    as best you can.... Never want to take the safe queen or high end custom build....

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    Maybe a Glock.

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    I flew Denver to Chicago, had a 22 rifle, checked it and everything was fine until I landed and it came out with every body elseís bags in the baggage claim, and went around a few times with people awkwardly looking around to see who would grab it. My case was also missing a latch. Other than that everything was smooth. As previously stated, donít take something nice
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    Flown in and out of Chicago IL, Peoria IL, Fort Wayne IN, Indianapolis IN and some Florida airports. Never any problems with any of them.

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    It's been several years since I have flown and brought a gun along.

    Check the airline web page, they will have the guidelines (TSA BS and the airline) for flying with a gun in checked baggage. Some require a separate locked case for the gun. Some require ammunition be stored in a separate (from the gun) box.

    Print a copy of the rules from the airline's web page. Many of the agents don't know anything.

    Be prepared for them to (possibly) ask that you open the suitcase so they can "check" the weapon. No, they don't know what they're looking at, just smile and nod at them.

    Be prepared for them to (possibly) ask that you stay at the counter until the bag has actually been loaded onto the plane. I've had them ask me, once, to come to the baggage area to open the case.

    Check to see is your insurance policy will cover theft while in the possession of the airline. I've never had one stolen but I have heard of that happening.

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    The only time I might not take a handgun when flying in the U.S. is if connecting through NY or NJ. If your connecting flight gets cancelled, there've been some high profile "difficulties" in the news (i.e. people that have gotten tagged when receiving their baggage for their layover).
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    I forgot to add. I usually field strip the gun and put cable locks through the upper and lower (or slide and frame) to try and discourage anyone tempted to "play with it" or steal it. If they look in and it isn't immediately recognizable as a gun (not to the same level as an assembled one) then I hope it is a slight deterrent.

    One time that I flew the ticketing agent asked me to open the case so they could "inspect" it. It was stripped and disassembled with cable locks. When they looked in they said "oh" and just paused for a few seconds like it wasn't what they were expecting. I just smiled and nodded.

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    I have done it many times and never had an issue.

    I just don't feel safe in gun free zones...

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