I've been digging into CCW insurance myself. Honestly, one of my top choices I was looking into was US Law Shield. They're actually really affordable. And with ammo prices being what they are...Every cent counts. And I feel like I'm not necessarily really going to need it. Just an 11 buck a month or whatever safety net is worth it. I've got friends who have it, and they've pretty much got me convinced this was the right choice.

But then...I start digging more.

Like for instance, the first comment of this thread mentions strictly USCCA and CCW Safe. And I've found an article by Gun University talking about USCCA and CCW Safe being their top picks with US Law Shield being at the bottom (https://gununiversity.com/concealed-carry-insurance/ -- link for reference). And after looking into it, CCW Safe and USCCA look nice. But are they really worth that extra money? Especially living in rural Indiana? I'm just not sure it's really worth it.

Any thoughts on this guys? I'd appreciate the input.