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    Favorite IWB holster

    What is your favorite IWB holster??

    I have no money so I like cheap.

    Mr. Softy IWB High Noon Holsters
    unbelievable for $25

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    Pro Carry LT from

    Appendix carry and my 19 disappears. I love it.

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    Semi Autos: CTAC
    SP101 - Bearclaw Undercover Operative.
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    Either a Milt Sparks VMII or a Mitch Rosen ARG.
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    I've tried many.

    The best of the best is by far the Ky-Tac BraveHeart. It's comfortable, secure, and drawing from it is about as close as you will get (in terms of speed) to a belt holster.

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    I like and own a IWB holster made by Welcome to Threat Solutions Consulting / TSC Holsters, and at $60 I felt it was a good deal.
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    the ky-tac is a great holster, and many others, but for my money it's raven concealment. and the guys are great to deal with. if they don't have one, they'll make one for you.
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    I use a Split Decision by High Noon.

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    I've worn Milt Sparks VM II and the Summer Special and a IWB/OWB from Black Hills Leather. Like all three. I tried a Crossbreed but didn't like it. I've got a VM II on order for a 1911 and recently purchased one for a Glock 30. All pistols I carry will then have the same holster.

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    no longer pays the bills

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    Blade-Tech IWB

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