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    Just another reason to love laws restricting the rights of an individual to carry a long stick!

    On a more serious father-in-law lives in VA and had to take a class on the use of one in order to get his liscense to carry it. I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it with my own's a seperate liscense from their CCW

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    "Legal eh no legal eh is grey area"
    Are you serious? " "

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disposable Heart View Post
    Nice Public Servant! Who makes that? I dont see a method to use it as a pen, so I assume its solid and purely for defensive (not writing) purpose?
    That one is made by KZ Xtreme. And is strictly for defense.
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    I used to carry an expandable baton, I pulled it out and expanded it one time ( the baton) and the next thing I knew, they wanted me to lead the band in a parade. Boy...was I embarrassed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mercop View Post
    I believe any citizen should be able to carry any weapon they wish. That said a expandable baton screams police. This is about avoiding the appearance of evil. A sturdy pen in the eye like the Zebra 701 which you can carry anywhere..even in your hand, will stop a fight as fast as an ASP, and you will not hesitate to use it like a prohibited weapon.- Just my $.02- George
    Agreed. Also check out the Tactical Defense Pen by Mil-Tac: Tactical Defense Pens - TDP-1

    I carry one everywhere - including the Peoples Republic of Illinois. (They haven't' banned writing utensils - yet).

    That said, I'm not aware of any Indiana law that prohibits collabsable batons (athough I have to admit I've never researched the issue). If they were going to be illegal, I'd have to believe they would show up in the "prohibited instruments of violence" statute, Ind. Code 35-41-5, along with self-opening switchblades and Chinese throwing stars - and they don't.
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    For less than a tenth of the price of a "tactical" ink pen, you could invest in a Pentech brand "Matisse" like I have. All metal construction, very pointy nib. If, God forbid, I found myself in a position where I was actually ready to consider utilizing an ink pen as a weapon, I think I'd trust this one as much as I'd be willing to trust any writing implement; tactical or otherwise.

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    Show of hands, would a collapsible baton be a good idea for crawlspace critter defense?

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    We own an asp that I got for my wife when we were having dog problems in the neighborhood (big and small dogs). Twice she deployed it and in both cases the barking dogs got quiet and left. Probably the "CLANK" sound, but whatever, it helped.

    We don't use it much anymore, but have not gotten rid of it either.
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    I used to carry kubotans with me (even in high school I sometimes had one around my neck--just to see if anyone knew what it was).
    When I worked for a lawfirm during college, my kubotan was my keychain.
    For some reason, I didn't leave the keys at the office when I walked over to the courthouse for routine file work. Was prevented entrance to the county courthouse if I had that kubotan keychain. (and they wouldn't let it stay on the table).
    Mind you, that was 16 years ago!

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    I gave my sister one of those expandable batons along with some pepper spray when she moved out to Seattle. I figured if she wouldn't take a gun with her for home defense, I had to send something. And she's a very strong, quick, physical person so I thought a baton would work out well. I may need to buy her an ASP brand one though. She told me a couple months ago a friend of hers extended it hard and she couldn't get it to collapse again. Not sure if she ever got it or not.

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