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    2 Sentinel Arms Striker-12 Shotguns in 12 Guage (STREET SWEEPER) NFA

    For Sale here are two Sentinel Arms Striker-12 Shotguns in 12 Guage. It is a fully licensed and improved copy of the Armsel Stiker (STREET SWEEPER) for the American market made by Sentinel Arms Co.


    18” barreled fixed stock version is $1600.00 $1500.00 $1350.00 $1200.00 OTD!!!!.

    18” folding stock version is $1750.00 $1650.00 $1500.00 $1350.00 OTD!!!!.

    Email with combo price offer. Buyer responsible for all NFA taxes.

    Both are currently on Form 1’s in Indiana and are 1 owner guns with less then 100 rounds through each.

    It was created in Rhodesia by Hilton Walker in the early 1980s. Walker moved to South Africa, bringing with him the design for the Striker shotgun. His shotgun became a success, and found its way to all parts of the world. Even though it was successful, the shotgun still had its flaws. The rotary cylinder-type magazine was bulky, had a slow reload time, and the basic action was not without certain flaws.
    Walker redesigned his weapon in the late 1980s, removing the cylinder rotation mechanism, and adding an auto cartridge ejection system. The new shotgun was named the Protecta.

    Design and features
    The weapon's action is similar to that of a revolver, using a rotating magazine. Since the Striker uses a more or less conventional double action only trigger, and a very large and heavy cylinder (compared to handguns), Walker added a pre-wound clock-work spring to revolve the magazine. This proved to be a slow and ineffective way to load the weapon. The design was changed so that there is now a cocking lever on the right side of the barrel.
    The first designs were criticized as having a slow and cumbersome firing mechanism. The latest version has a pump-action style lever used to clear the chamber as other pump-action shotguns do. The Striker is somewhat unique for a shotgun because of its twelve round capacity and short overall length.

    The Striker is difficult to procure in the United States of America as it has been labeled as a destructive device under the National Firearms Act with no sporting purpose by the U.S. Justice Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

    Armsel Striker—this is Hilton Walker's first design and note that one had to wind the drum.

    efore firing the shotgun.

    Armsel Protecta—An improved version of the Armsel Striker. The need to wind the drum before firing was removed and the weapon's reliability was improved.
    Armsel Protecta Bulldog—An extremely shortened, stockless version of the Armsel Protecta. It is intended for building entry and vehicular duties.
    Sentinel Arms Striker-12—A fully licensed and improved copy of the Armsel Stiker for the American market made by Sentinel Arms Co.. It was available with an 18 inch barrel and a 7 inch stockless version.
    Cobray/SWD Streetsweeper—A lower-end clone of the Armsel Striker, notable as having a limited parts commonality to the original weapons system.
    Cobray/SWD Ladies Home Companion—A reduced caliber version of the Streetsweeper. The triggergroup is attached to a .410 bore drum and barrel.

    Used by the Israel Defense Forces for riot control
    South Africa - Used by the South African Army

    NFA Paperwork will be completed at Beech Grove Firearms in Beech Grove, Indiana during business hours.

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    Reduced by $100/each per owners request.

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    Reduced again, going on national auction site tonight.

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    Thanks to Fenway for the new Class III section.......lets moooooooooove on over!

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