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Thread: Off-topic comments in Classified Ads

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    Off-topic comments in Classified Ads

    In recent weeks, our Classified sections have been growing like crazy! Because of this, ads are scrolling through with unprecedented speed. We'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the Classified Rules, specifically:

    Rule #5: Keep comments related to the ad directly and no ad bashing!

    Because ads move so quickly, the staff are having to spend huge amounts of time deleting irrelevant posts in threads to keep them from bumping early. Please keep all comments DIRECTLY related to the ad. To clarify this, we mean an offer to buy/trade, notice of PM, questions about the specific item, etc.

    ANY OTHER COMMENTS WHATSOEVER are off-limits and belong in their own thread in one of the other forums. ABSOLUTELY NO "Free bumps!" It's up to the thread starter to bump his/her own ad and the rules clearly state ONE bump every 24 hours.

    The Classified rules are posted in each Classified forum and are easy to follow. Please do your best to help us keep the ad sections usable for everyone.


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    To clarify, we want to avoid any unnecessary conversation in the thread itself which will cause the ad to bump to the top of the "new posts" list. This includes any comments not directly related to the sale of the item:

    "Hey, that's a nice gun! I wish I could buy it!"
    We don't care. If you aren't buying it, don't post in the thread.

    "Free bump for a nice gun!"
    No! Bad INGOer! STOP DOING THIS! This behavior is going to be 3-day ban territory in the near future. We're sick of deleting this junk!

    It also includes any attempt to sidestep the 24-hour bump rule:

    "Hey, I just posted some pics in my ad! Take a look!"
    Just post the pics in the top post. You can bump it tomorrow.

    "Updated with new price!"
    Fine. It better be after 24 hours or put into the top post, though, or it's getting deleted.

    Several members have attempted to "game" the system by posting their ad with no location, no pictures, etc., and then encouraging potential buyers to ask for that information, thereby creating the aforementioned unnecessary conversation, causing numerous pointless bumps. That was one reason for the recent rule change.

    Our ads are scrolling by so fast that it's unfair to the other posters when you bump your ad early. It's the same as cutting in line in front of them as it may cause their ad to scroll off-screen. We have no objection to potential buyers asking questions about the item or making an offer, nor do we object to you responding to them. We are just extremely picky that you stay 100% ON TOPIC in the ad sections.

    Thanks for your cooperation!


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    Lots of people ignoring this rule lately.


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