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Thread: Gemtech LDE .380 pengun

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    Gemtech LDE .380 pengun

    Selling for a family member. SOLD...Transfers on a form 4 as an AOW. This was carried and fired at least once. I personally wouldn't shoot it except in a dire emergency. LDE by the way, stands for "Last Ditch Effort". Gemtech made very few of these, I've read less than 200. Some were even made in 9mm. Wow. The bell comes off and the "muzzle" is threaded 1/2x28. So I guess you could screw a suppressor on it. Very hard to price these as there are so few of them. There are strongly worded warnings to not put your finger inside the ring trigger. Apparently the recoil drives the rear of the firing pin into your knuckle. OUCH....Hence the beaded pull string. Paid up front starts paperwork. Beech Grove area for meetings please............. $450........Thanks, Dave... Has some wear on it, look closely at the pics. Also has the muzzle cap with the shoot through nylon plug. This is triggered just like a M81-M60 fuse igniter. Un-screw the back and pull the ring. At least that's what I hear.

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