Lots of people stay away from NFA toys because of the myths surrounding their purchase and ownership. Here is a list of what I think are the top myths surrounding NFA ownership. This is ongoing and if you'd like to see something added please PM me.

#1---ATF can search me and my home any time they want. This is simply made-up, not true, and hogwash. By simply owning NFA goodies, you do not give up your 4th ammendment rights. ATF can not search you or your home without your concent. Period.

#2---Machineguns, Suppressors, etc. are illegal. The federal government has not made ownership of these items illegal. You can own a machinegun, silencer, short rifle or short shotgun as long as you follow the guidelines laid down by the NFA. For a look at these, please see the NFA FAQ sticky in this forum.

#3---You need a license to own NFA goodies. Dealers need licenses to sell NFA items. Buyers need simply to pass a background check and pay a one-time $200 per item tax to own them. Again, see the FAQ.

#4---You have to pay the tax on your items annually. Again, the tax is on the transfer of the item. It is a one-time thing. Once you pay it, the item is yours and you never owe Uncle Sam any more money for the priveledge of ownership.