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Thread: Best 9mm/subsonic blackout can?

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    Best 9mm/subsonic blackout can?

    Looking for the best suppressor for BOTH 9mm and subsonic blackout.
    I'm interested in the Guardian 9 from's just not available yet.
    The Liberty Mystic and Infinity look interesting.
    The Octane 9 HD looks good as well.
    Needs to be serviceable for lead bullets.
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    9mm Pistol or Carbine?

    The Kestrel 7.62AK works on .300 BLk & on a 9mm Carbine (so I hear anyway)

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    I have the Octane 9. It's a great can for 9mm and 300 BLK. It's light and serviceable as well. Another one to check out is the Liberty Mystic. It's a little heavy with the booster (16 oz.) but you can run most anything through it, including .223 (16" barrel and semi-auto) as well as .308 subsonic rounds. The Infinity is the same can, only Titanium, which drops the weight to 12 oz with the booster. You can't run .223 through the Infinity, but everything else is GTG.

    That said, I really love my Octane 9, and highly recommend it if you only want to shoot 9mm and 300 BLK subs. Great can, great price.

    Also, SWR/Silencerco's customer service is top notch. I ordered the original Octane 9 shortly after it came out. 8 months later, they redesigned the can with all new baffles and they cut the aluminum baffle model (the one I own) from the lineup. They are rebuilding the can with the new baffle stack and booster system for free!

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    I will have an Isis-2, Octane 9HD & Mystic all in stock this week. All are great performers on .300blk. The Isis-2, Infinity and Mystic will be available for demo at the Hush shoot.

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    Thanks for the replies. I edited my post, I meant Mystic, not Mirage as I posted.
    We have a great class 3 shop up this way, 21st Century in bluffton. That being said, I may give Corey a call and discuss my options. Thanks.

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    Any thoughts after shooting at Hush?

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