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    Casull model 290

    I am thinking of purchasing a Casull model 290 which is a semi-auto rifle with an 18.5 inch barrel with a 275-290 round flat pan magazine. Only eighty of these model 290's were ever produced. The American 180 submachine gun was an improved version of the Casull which followed it's production. My question is: With the similarities of the two rifles, even though the Casull model 290 is a semi-automatic, would there be issues purchasing one of these online and/or selling one online at a later date, pose some issues in legalities? Even if no laws may be broken, would this put someone in a potential watch list/hot seat? Any help that you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.

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    Why? There is a semi auto AM180 on the market now, you can buy them from E&L manufacturing, so what issues do you think there are ?

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    I don't know. I am not that familiar with this type of firearm and I'm just asking to get information.

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    The only issue I could see would be in certain states that limit magazine sizes. Since Indiana doesn't, if you live here you will not have any issues. If reselling on Gunbroker or something similar, just don't sell to Ban states.

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