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Thread: OSS Suppressor strip down

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    Quote Originally Posted by STFU View Post
    Performed in what way? You question is very vague.

    I have had no issues with the 556 can. I like enough that I bought an HX-QD 762 Ti model for my 300BLK pistol.

    That said, the older 556 model seems to have more overall suppression than the newer 762 model.
    I believe, it is more noticeable difference because 556 is much louder than 300BLK to begin with.
    (I also have 5 other cans but the OSS are my favorites.)

    Curious, do you have either the Rugged Razor 7.62, Dead Air Sandman-S or Dead Air Nomad-30? My intention is to wait for SilencerShop's black friday sale (if they even have one) and place an order for the Sandman-S, but if you've got feedback to sway me another direction I'd gladly listen. I've looked at the OSS cans and like the concept, but not the price. I'm drawn to the Dead Air Sandman-S due to the cost, QD setup, and balance of blowback vs. suppression. I hate to say it, but it's a great looking can personally.

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    I don't personally own the can you mentioned. I have shot a Sandman. It is a good can. I know for me, especially with my Tavor, I don't like gas and other **** in my face.
    As for the comment about QD, the OSS cans have a very coarse thread taper mount now. You can see a picture at the top of this page:
    The taper is front of the threads, not behind them. It seals so the threads are not catching any blast. Very easy to take off an clean even after several hundred of rounds.

    Here is a podcast discussing the OSS concept:
    It's a good listen regardless of your thoughts about OSS.
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