So I messed up when ordering a YHM Phantom 7.62 online from Silencer Shop and clicked on the wrong one. Was supposed to be a QD mount as I have YHM QD brakes on each of my various platforms and wanted to be able to quickly move it as needed. It was held in jail at M&J Firearms in Fortville and I went to pick it up Friday afternoon. I was surprised that the QD brake was not in the box and then shocked that the suppressor was a direct thread. Marvin quickly got on the phone with Silencer Shop and after about ten minutes of back an forth we all came to an agreement that 1. the suppressor would be on a form 3 back to Silencer Shop, 2. I would be credited the full purchase price, 3. a new order was set up for the QD suppressor, 4. Silencer shop would handle all ATF paperwork including hopefully the little item of the tax and for the various transfers and finally 5. M&J took care of fingerprints at their kiosk and photos were uploaded to Silencer Shop. All in all, other than the additional delay, it will work out and everyone was exceptionally professional (except for to old man who screwed it up in the first place). If you get chance stop in at M&J on main street in Fortville. Nice people and a pleasure to work with.