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    Who's got an AR firearm?

    Just curious on who's got an AR "firearm". I know a lot on people on here are running AR pistols with AVG's and what not but I don't recall ever seeing any "firearms on here.

    I'm aware that the OAL from the end of the buttstock to the muzzle of the actual barrel needs to be 26" to put a VFG on it. I do run a brace on my current pistol and the lower was bought as an "other" and was never a rifle.

    I was just wondering if people actually do this or just put an AVG on it and forget about it?

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    Nobody? I guess I'll just a AFG on it just to avoid the possible headache later on.

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    I have a VFG on my AR "firearm". It is 27" overall from top of receiver extension to crown of the muzzle, plus another couple inches for the KX Flaming Pig loudener.

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    My .300BLK "firearm" wears a SIG brace and a VFG.
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    Firearms may be carried at all times but never concealed. Is that a correct statement?

    If it's incorrect please let me know the correct statement and other pertinent information one needs to know.

    Thank you.

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    Okay I'm glad I wouldn't be the only one with a VTG on a firearm.

    And yes INPatriot I do believe you are correct, they can not be concealed. In a case in your car is fine from what I've read though. I don't have any legal documentation stating that though.

    I do plan on keeping printouts of the ATF decision of firearms from 2011 in my grip.

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    Several companies including Franklin armory now produce AR "firearms". I bet you can even find an determination or opinion letter if you search

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