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Thread: the waiting

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    the waiting

    mailed 4-4-18
    card charged 4-12-18
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    I've got one from 4/20/18... NFA Tracker is showing the trend to be around 3/28/18 clearing. Shouldn't be long for you now, 2 or 3 weeks.

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    I'm right there with you. I've got two that were cashed on 4/10 and a third on 5/3. A coworker bought one roughly a month earlier and just got his stamp a couple of weeks ago. The waiting really sucks...

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    So seven months-ish? I guess I'll have a happy new year instead of Merry Christmas. Checks cashed 6/26/18 for sbr & sbs.
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    Mine was cashed on 4/24. The nice-ish lady told me 7 months when I called to check on it today.

    Thanksgiving maybe?
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    Got one pending since 4/10 so hopefully just a couple more weeks

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    You already put the video in the first post?! What the heck am I suppose to do?
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    How is this acceptable?

    BATFE needs to be disbanded.
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    Tell me about it, I have a check cash date of 1/20/2018, still waiting

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    Quote Originally Posted by seedubs1 View Post
    How is this acceptable?

    BATFE needs to be disbanded.
    When you buy a can every 3 months it doesn't seem as bad

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