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    762-SDN-6 SUPPRESSOR 7.62 - Good all around suppressor for the Money?

    Hey all,

    I haven't purchased a rifle caliber suppressor before and looking to buy the 762-SDN-6 as it appears to be a good value and good overall performance. Brownells has some good prices right now on this (as well as the SR-7) and I'm asking if anyone has any personal experience (good or negative).

    From my research on here, it seems the overall opinion is positive, maybe a few concerns over the 51T mounting system.

    I'll be using on anything from an 11.5" 556, 12.5" 6.5 Grendel to 18" 762 Nato.

    Side note: I'm also looking at a 556SD as well for a dedicated suppressor for the 556 SBR.

    Thanks all.
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    As far as I know, AAC is definitely a good-to-go company.

    I started a "list of suppressor manufacturers" thread not too long ago - have you poked around that? There are a TON of manufacturers out there - and many of them make .30 QD cans.
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    I have one in the pipeline at the moment, so take the bias in my opinion for what it is.

    I want a silencer built by a company that's going to be here in 10 years or 20 years. AAC is one of the most established silencer companies out there. I learned that lesson the hard way with a huntertown arms kestrel. I have a silencer from them, it's been great, but that company has gone through a lot since i bought mine.

    The SDN-6 is a 308win and down silencer, not a .30cal silencer. If you have a threaded 30-06, or 300wm this silencer is not rated for that. For me, that's not an issue at all, so I'm good with a 308 can.

    The quick detach mounts are as good as it gets. The old 51T tooth pattern set the standard and works fine, the newer tooth pattern is good also. Sort of like a gen 1 pmag or gen 1 glock that build the reputation the rest have stood on for years.

    I would stay away from the 556SD because you limit yourself to that diameter bullet. Had I bought an SDN-6 the first go around, I doubt I'd be buying another silencer today. A 308 on a 556 isn't going to work as well as it could, but it's still going to be pretty great.

    Do whatever you want, but for me the SDN-6 is just a good, reliable, do all silencer backed by a company that'll be around by the time your paperwork gets complete.

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    TF - thanks for the info, Iíll look for your thread.

    Teddy - All excellent points. Iím never going over 308 so Iím in the same boat. The 556 is $100 less than the 762, but it sounds to me like the cost savings isnít worth the all around nature of the 762 (if I were to get a second d can).

    really helpful stuff!
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    Just sent you a text, call me
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    I bought the ACC 762-SD with the 51T mounting system when they first came out.
    Even if the shorter 762-SDN-6 version was out then, I probably still would have gone for the larger one.
    At the time I didn't have a 7.62 rifle to mount it on. Until I did, I was using it on a few 5.56 AR types. 2 are shorties. I wanted the extra volume of the larger suppressor because of the massive fireballs my SBRs blow out. I couldn't be happier. Now all my 7.62s and 5.56s have the quick disconnect Brakeout comps on them for the 762-SD.

    My only problem was my fault.
    My super short AR, I installed a longer rail that covers the barrel and QD comp. You can install the suppressor but pressing the release to take it off was super difficult. I had a special tool made to slide over it that engages the release under the rail set-up so I can unscrew the suppressor.
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    Thank you all, Iím going to get one!
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    How much is the big question. Is the SDN6 worth $500-$600? Nope. Was it worth the $450 they were selling for 3 months ago? Maybe

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    $500 but theyíve been having 10% off coupons left and right. Iím going to buy one next time it pops up.
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    Not that the 51T is horrible but things have come a long way in recent years. The bad thing with that mounting system is the latch is built into the can and if it needs servicing then it has to go back. AAC is owned by freedom group and I don't believe AAC is real stable at the moment. The best thing they've had in many years is the Halcyon and it's sales are falling off now that the new is worn off where people still continue to buy el caminos, masks, 22 takedowns, and the oculus. Their new Tiraid is a flop. People like interchangeable mounting systems and lightweight while remaining extremely durable. AAC is neither light nor has ability to change mounting systems. If you can afford $600 then you can open up to a better variety of cans. The Vox is 14oz in direct thread and can accept 4 or 5 different mounting systems and is $600. The Razor is 16/17oz for $600. Recce 7 can be had for $600. Or just buy a Resonator for $450 and YHM has an excellent mounting system. I have an SDN6 and a Recce 7. I'd buy any of those I just listed before I'd buy another SDN6, even if it could be had for $400

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