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Thread: Wait Times

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincess View Post
    Dumb question here, but I'll ask anyways as I've been interested in the "stamp/waiting" game.
    Does one need to purchase whatever requires a stamp i.e. suppressor/SBR, and put the serial number from said item on the form 4? OR, does one apply for stamp with form 4, and then go buy what they are wanting?
    Purchase your NFA toy, fill out F4 with your toys info and sent in the form with your $200. Toy stays at dealer till approved form comes back affixed stamp on it. Rejoice and go pick up your toy. (About 10-12 months later)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hop View Post
    Well crap. I got it backwards. I've done efile form 1 but not form 4. I've only done paper individual and trust form 4. The efile form 4 is not available right now. I guess I'll go ahead and build another suppressor while waiting an eternity for my Sig 22LR can to get out of jail.
    I've been reading online today that form 4 is coming back to efile, soon. How soon is soon? It's the .gov, so who knows! I'm hoping really soon though!
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    Just got off the phone with the ATF - very nice woman informed me that my 3 stamps were approved! She also said current wait times are estimated right at about 9 months. (Actual wait time for me was 11 months.) YMMV

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