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    Thoughts? New Wolfman v wolf9sd v omega9k

    I'm potentially in the market for 3 suppressors to be used on various pcc sbrs and on a 9mm smg. I was really leaning towards the 9k due to it's compact design compared to the wolf9sd. Namely, the low profile 3lug mount available for it. But now with dead air releasing the wolfman (I think it's a stupid name) it has me reconsidering....

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    The “wolfman” will most likely be my next NFA purchase. But I’m looking for a subgun can.

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    I have three Omega 9K's in jail now that I plan to use on an MP5 SBR and a few other PCC's, but if I were buying another 9mm can today it would probably be the Wolfman. This info was posted elsewhere by the guy who likely did most of the design. I think he's comparing it to the Wolf9sd that it is replacing.

    "Optimized more for 300BLK and supers. It'll be light duty, as in no full auto. It's also optimized for 9X39. This is now our quietest 300BLK suppressor, with averages dropping down into the low 120's.

    The short configuration has been optimized for performance in 9mm. It went from 4.1" to 5.1", but that buys you a 10dB improvement in performance on an MP5 with 3-lug. The 3-lug is the worst case mount, with how how it moves the muzzle inside the blast chamber. Those with fairly flush mount 3-lugs see a huge drop in performance. We're about .3" longer than those, but it won't hurt performance. The old design was supposed to be as short as it could go while still being hearing safe. This time we decided to make it sound awesome.

    Long configuration in 9mm will still sit in the low 120's like before also.

    The wipe cap is a fun addition for the short config. It doesn't really do much in the long config since it's already so optimized. You can put whatever wipe you want in there as long as it's 1" diameter down to about 5/8" diameter. There's a threaded in wipe retainer that holds it down and it has little ridges that hold odd shaped wipes well. As in, it can be square if you never learned how to cut perfect circles with scissors. That's a tad smaller diameter than our old Ghost one, but you can trim it down in seconds and it'll fit. This won't be an accessory, because ATF and competitors sending letters to them. BUT. We should have some type of upgrade program in the future. Also note that his is our current rifle socket pattern (1.125-28 with taper lock). Just throwing that out there."

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    Only have experience with my 9K, however, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up anything from Deadair. I love my Sandman S.

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