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    Surefire or YHM 5.56 suppressor

    Ok, I have been back into building rifles lately and looking to get back to some NFA items as well. I am looking to get at least one dedicated 5.56 suppressor. Originally, I had been set on getting a new Surefire Socom 556RC2 but the YHM turbo is looking quite nice at the price point. The Surefire I know is the choice by our military but can anyone give me any opinions why a recreational shooter would not choose two YHM turbos at the price point compared to the Surefire? I do appreciate any input either way.

    Freedom? How much is that going to cost me this year?

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    1. Quieter
    2. Less expensive
    3. Better mounting system
    4. Better customer service
    Only thing the turbo loses out to the surfire is back pressure

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    Yankee hill is a great company

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    Not sure where you are located but we have a Turbo that customers can demo. If you are interested drop me a PM. I have sold several of them over the past few years and have never had a customer unhappy with choosing a turbo. They are a great can IMHO.

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    I've got a Ti Phantom which is what they made before the Turbo and it works great. It sounds about the same as my GA Optimus and it's maybe a little quieter than my buddies Sig. For the price YH can't be beat...

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    I have a Surefire SOCOM 556RC and I've never been impressed with the suppression. I bought it to withstand a very high round count which it has thus far. If sounds suppression was my primary consideration I'd look elsewhere.
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    Appreciate the info guys. Looks like the Yankee Hill will be hard to beat at the price
    Freedom? How much is that going to cost me this year?

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    You really should get with mp40gunner about trying out his demo units.
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    Surefire suppressors suck at sound suppression. Ive used them first hand. Unless they've changed something in recent years.
    I would never buy one. So many better rifle can options.
    Honestly better options than YHM too if you want sound suppression. Its not always about decibels its also about the tone.
    Check out dead air.

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    Get the turbo k then you'll have options on mounting systems and a shorter lighter setup. AR's in 5.56 dont suppress well so you'll still be wearing ear pro so might as well go short and light.

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