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    suppressor "pre treating?"

    i've sent my suppressor (gemtech outback 2) back to gemtech/s&w for the "iou" upgrade (they change out your sealed k baffle's for a removable monocore) and i'm wondering if anybody pre treats their suppressors to make them easier to clean. ive heard that welding spatter spray makes muzzle breaks easier to clean and I was wondering if anybody uses that or something similar to make their cans easier to clean?

    right now, I use a ultrasonic cleaner to clean some gun parts (I use lucas bore/ultra sonic cleaner) and I have good luck on smaller parts and even some bigger parts, yesterday I dropped the frame for my 22/45 in and it came out clean as a whistle!, and to clean my bcg, I just drop the whole thing in and run it for 8 minuets with heat, and just wipe it clean! (it does get pretty warm though!)

    I know to use anti seize on the threads of the can to make it easier to disassemble, but what makes it easier to clean? being its a 22 can it'll get very dirty quickly!
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    Think soda blaster. Yup, plain old baking soda in a pressure vessel or modifies bead blaster. They are fussy about moisture as it will cause clumping/ caking. Very easy on the monocore yet will clean. I pretreat mine cans with shaving gel before firing. A lot quieter plus minty fresh!
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    Wait a Minute!

    We are suppose to clean our CANS????
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    I've never cleaned my Form 1 22LR can. It still sounds great but I'm kind of scared to look inside of it. I bet I'll need to use my shop press to get the baffles out.

    I don't have any guns to use when shooting it though. Clean it? Meh, I'll wait until I can shoot it some more.

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    i went to the range friday, ran the can on 2 pistols, two rifles, ran two hundred rounds thru it (cci standard, winchester m22, cci quiet) and took her home to clean, she was dirty, I ran it thru a 480 second cycle (with heat) in my ultra sonic cleaner with lucas bore/ultrasonic cleaner, and about 99.9 percent of the crud, crap and dirt was gone! I did use a brass brush and knocked off the last of it!!!

    now before I did that, I noticed a bunch of crap/crud/unburnt powder at the rear of the mono core (near where threads are) so I pot some gunslick foaming bore cleaner on the back, and it removed some of the finish (looks like paint), before I put it back together I put some anti seize on the threads and a light coat all around the core, just so it doesn't freeze up and I can take it apart easier

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    but the fun part was cci standard thru the can when it was on my s&w m&p22 pistol...everytime I shoot it...I giggle!...giggle like I did the first time I saw boobies!!!

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