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    Suppressor moved


    I moved awhile back and without even thinking about it, I moved without getting permission from the ATF to move my suppressor. Now, I think I do not have to have their permission, however, I do think I need to inform them that my address has changed. Does anyone have the experience of moving a suppressor? If so, what is my next step. I tried looking at the ATF website but could not find an address to write them and tell them that I have moved. Is there a form I need to fill out on their site or do I just need to write them and give them my new address? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Isn't that form for when you are traveling across state lines?

    I was wrong it is the correct form. I also found this interesting thread about transporting suppressors.
    Moving with suppressors - SilencerTalk
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    I just filled out that form, and emailed it in not too long ago. Got it approved in the mail a couple weeks later.
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    In state moves you're not required to notify them. I think it's a good idea, and they suggest you do it, to keep their records updated.

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