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    New for 2020: YHM Resonator K

    From what I read a lot of people have been asking for this:

    I just picked up the R2 at the beginning of the week. Should I get the K at the end?

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    YHM is making some awesome products. Makes me want to pick up several.

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    I plan on getting one as soon as funds allow hopefully they won't be sold out, like everytime I went to pull the trigger on a turbo k.

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    The R2 is definitely a good buy for bolt guns. The Turbo K looks amazing, but the Resonator K initial numbers are dissapointing. I think the best 30 caliber K can is still the Vox K. The Vox K also has no minimum barrel length restrictions.

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    If you havent already, look at the new YHM R9 and N20. They look amazing! R9 is an Omega 9k like can that can be used on 308 or 9mm. The N20 is basically a Wolfman that is lighter and can be used on 308 or 9mm.

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