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    Gemtech Outback II-D disassembly hell (and my solution)

    So about a week ago, I decided to do my first cleaning of my suppressor after an unknown round count (in the thousands). You already know where this is going. I unscrewed the cap with no problems and I couldn't get the baffles to budge at all. I used a 3/8" wooden dowel and a rubber mallet on a rubber mat and tapped and tapped to no avail. I won't tell you about the hours of failed techniques that I tried and rather, I will share my solution that worked quite well.

    I ordered an 8oz can of Kroil and put about 2" into a quart freezer bag and dropped the suppressor in. Every few hours, I would shake the suppressor vigorously to ensure that the Kroil was getting into thoroughly. After 24 hours or so, I pulled the suppressor out of the bag and drained out the oil. I then used a heat gun and ran the heat into both ends of the suppressor. I got it hot enough to the point where I could barely touch it with a paper towel wrapped around it. I was then able to easy tap the baffles out with the wooden dowel rod and the rubber mallet.

    What a freaking nightmare! I did not damage the suppressor in any way and it doesn't have a scratch on it. I made this post hoping that someone else finds it when they need it the most like I did.

    I am taking my time cleaning the baffles and the interior suppressor housing now and I am going to get on a MUCH more frequent cleaning schedule from now on. Lesson!
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    Kroil is great stuff, I buy it by the gallon. Best to clean more often to avoid the problem.
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    Next time your at CVS ask them for the tallest pill container they have. I have gotten them free when I ask and they are long enough for a .22 suppressor to be submerged in cleaning fluid without requiring a large volume of cleaner. Put the can in there for a few days and take it out and drain it before trying to disassemble.

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    I think that gemtec recommends cleaning it every 500 rounds

    what im doing (or trying) is putting a thin layer of anti seize around the core (or baffles in your case) so I can disassemble it easier, a friend called me, his can was frozen up, I suggested was that he run a few mags through to heat it up and try again, I never heard if it worked or not, so your results may vary!
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    Man, that aluminum really mucks things up, doesn't it? Makes for a super light weight can... That's hard to work with on your own.

    I may or may not have a 100% aluminum suppressor. That I may or may not have neglected for years. It may or may not have cost me just about as much to have it shipped in for repair than the original purchase price.

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