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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilboog82 View Post
    Sorry everyone, I didnít mean for this thread to be like this.

    I would love to try out some different suppressors. I have a guy where I can try different baffle cans but he has no OSS cans and I donít know of anyone else that does.

    STFU, if that invitation you made to nyle could be extended to me, sorry I hate to be that guy that invites himself over to somebody elseís place, I would love to hear your OSS in action. If not thatís ok too, my feelings wonít be hurt.
    thanks again everyone for there input.
    For me, half of the fun of building stuff is sharing with others and watching their faces light up.
    The offer stands. PM me.
    Stamp collecting is fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by STFU View Post
    Again, another generic statement with nothing to back it up. Are we supposed to infer from your statement that you (personally) shot some of the Gen 1 and Gen2 OSS cans and found them to be louder than???
    This is like me saying, "Ford trucks suck." How about quantifying your statement. Maybe you do have experience, but you didn't state so. EG: I shot the old one and compared to the xxx is seemed much louder. Or something? Otherwise it is just more FUD.

    Not trying to start a fight Bfish, but I am stunned at how many people on INGO chime in on a topic because of what they "read" or "saw in YouTube video" and then claim it as gospel with no first hand knowledge and with nothing to substantiate their comments.
    If I have no actual experience with a product, I won't pretend that I do just so I can throw my version of BS into the conversation.
    Hey sorry I haven't had as much time to be on INGO the last few weeks. I know this is the internet and people parrot bull crap all day. I don't want you to think my statement is me jumping on a hate train or saying what I've read. If I shoot an OSS can and they are better than my two previous experiences I'll go buy one. I'm part of an 07/02 and take part in silencer shoots, take out customers out for conjugal visits, and have lots of friends with lots of different cans. So I've shot/heard a whole lot of cans, but only one OSS with 556 and one with a 300blk (on separate occasions). The 300blk I won't talk about because it was a customer can and it wasn't shot next to any other cans. To me it did sound louder than a SilencerCo omega and Gemtech can both of which I've shot a lot of 300blk through. But, it could have been a high pressure day and I caught it wrong, I'd be lying if I said I haven't been impressed or unimpressed by stuff based on the atmosphere at use only to come back later to it sounding different to me. However, the one I shot 556 through was shot on the same day as a lot of other cans so I feel like i can say confidently that it was loud. It was a Helix I am pretty sure.

    The one I shot was at a range with a couple of us with Rugged, SilencerCo, Surefire, and Dead Air cans also on rifles. All rifles I'm talking about were 16's and 14.5's 5.56 rifles and no random 11" SBRs sprinkled in that would obviously be loud etc. As I said I don't have a lot of time behind the OSS cans just one experience and I'm not certain what generation can or anything else it was. But to me and the other people present the OSS can was louder than a Dead Air Sandman S, a SilencerCo Omega, Saker, Surefire RC2 (which is surprising honestly lol) and a Rugged rifle can (can't remember which). We didn't have a meter or anything but as with every can when I take someone out to shoot or try one myself I took my ears off for a few. And to me the OSS was significantly louder than the Omega, Sandman S, I tried with it and seemed to have more report than the other cans we had out that day. To me it was as if I could have my back turned back at the awning and know which can was being shot when the OSS was shot. I've not shot any of their "new" stuff. I'm also am not emotionally invested in most products/companies or brands. But I can be a fan boy from time to time I'll admit, and very rarely a complete hater. A lot of people who have opinions I respect praise OSS cans, and if I get behind another one and it sounds differently than my first experience I'll change my tune (and buy one if it's as good as some say). However, as I said in that post I've only been behind the one comparatively, and I was not impressed at all. I have no idea what the at ear numbers or any of that stuff silencer people like to talk, but the report doesn't lie to me. I'm also not a huge "numbers guy" if I like the attachment, materials, length, and so one. I'll buy something not based on "numbers" a lot, otherwise I wouldn't own K cans. For hunting I'll take the most quiet or lightest can, If I'm shooting under NVG I'll take the one with the least flash, if I'm out just banging steel or punching paper I might take one of my stellite cored cans, etc.

    I said in what you didn't quote of that first post "I'm not telling you not to buy an OSS" but just gave the guy my personal experience. And my one experience with them is that it was much louder than the other cans on the range. I'll still hit you up if I make it up your way to give yours a go. I'm just letting him know of my experience. Def low back pressure, but louder than the other cans around it. It's also crazy to think that a well made gun with proper springs, gas port size etc won't run well with a traditional baffled can, so I was saying to also not be afraid of them.

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    Standard baffle cans will gas you out if you shoot more than a few rounds a minute

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forkmylife View Post
    Standard baffle cans will gas you out if you shoot more than a few rounds a minute
    Never had hat problem myself without having a strong wind blowing into my face.

    man, absolutes dont apply to everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floivanus View Post
    Never had hat problem myself without having a strong wind blowing into my face.

    man, absolutes dont apply to everyone
    yeah I think heís just trying to get to that 50 posts mark.

    You canít fix stupid

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