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    Quote Originally Posted by mcapo View Post
    I am in the same boat. Thought that I would just have one stamp - ended up with, well...more.

    While not fully researched yet, what Jagee says is correct. They will pass to your spouse and/or by the decree of your will just like any other property that is in a trust.

    Don't take my word for it...someone will be along shortly with name of the INGO member that is a lawyer and has experience with Trusts...
    Guy Relford is who I use. He is well known around here, and is a very 2A attorney.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MCgrease08 View Post
    It's probably worth talking to an attorney with NFA trust expertise. Guy Relford is the first name everyone always mentions. I set mine up through Marc Halata.
    marc halatais in greenfield isnít he? That would be very handy as Iím right on Marion and Hancock county line. Prices pretty reasonable?
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    Yes, he's in Greenfield, but I did everything over the phone and email. Never had to meet in person. I would say the cost is reasonable and he has been willing to answer all of my follow-up questions with no extra charge.

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