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Thread: Quick Disconnect? Direct Thread?

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    Quick Disconnect? Direct Thread?

    Long story short, looking at doing a few form 1's, possibly a commercial can as well.

    All the info is a bit overwealming so I am trying to figure out what type of connection to get.

    Wish list;
    2 .308 cans
    1 5.56
    1 or 2 22rimfire

    I like the idea of a muzzle device that is a QD but not sure if it is worth it?

    Any experiences or recommendations are appreciated.
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    For rimfire, direct thread is fine. For rifle cans, QD is normally the best if you want to be able to attach and detach the silencer without tools. For .308, I would get a YHM Resonator 2. For 5.56, I would get a YHM Turbo K. For rimfire, I would get a Dead Air Mask or EA NYX Mod1. For QD, I prefer Griffin minimalist taper mounts (plan A). They are very light, very short, and work great!

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    I am a fan of Silencerco’s ASR QD mounting system. I have ASR breaks on several rifles, including my SBRs.
    For my 22, nothing fancy, direct thread.

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    Agree with direct thread on 22LR. QD not worth the added bulk and weight given both can be pleasantly minimized for 22LR. A skilled machinist would have no problem fabricating a decent direct thread 22LR or 9mm/.40/45ACP along the lines of current take-down capable designs (Form 1). A little more skill on the back endcap and you could employ available off the shelf LID pistons from someone like Silencerco.

    For the centerfire rifle cans I would be looking to buy. I think you will end up with a much better product than most people could fabricate, and you would not have the design refinements of larger manufacturers with welded internals to stand up to heat buildup, or the highly refined QD systems from someone like Surefire. I stopped tracking new QD designs once I settled on Surefire a few years ago, but nothing else came close for not having issues back at that time. SF QD design in 5.56mm and 7.62mm NATO is well established and sold in large numbers so you are less likely to get orphaned where you can no longer get compatible muzzle devices, and there is a good selection of them; 3 prong, muzzle brake, Warcomp, closed tine. And prices have come down a little over the last few years, Arms Unlimited seems to have good prices on SF everyday or during sales.

    I do think the plan for (2) .308 and (1) 5.56 is ideal. If I were buying today I would get a SOCOM556-RC2 and SOCOM 762 RC2 that are both quick detach, and then look at a Thunderbeast direct thread for .308 to use on bolt actions, scoped 7.62mm/6.5 CM AR, and/or any heavier longer range scoped 5.56mm AR using a thread adapter.
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    If you are building a Form 1 can & you want a QD, go check out

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    With modern QDs, you are fine. I run all QD (except 22) and have had no issue with repeatability out to 1 mile, no more than environmental issues at least. Silencerco ASR specifically is what I have experience with.

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    Me and my limited experience:

    I only have 2 centerfire rifle cans. 5.56 and a .30. I went with QD.

    Honestly, now, I wish that I'd have done with direct thread. I don't move my cans around like I thought I would. And, now, if a buddy or my dad wants to use my can on their gun, they cannot due to not having the muzzle device mounted.

    If you go QD - be sure that you can source the muzzle devices and/or be sure at least 1 is included with the can itself. Some brands/styles are MIGHTY hard to find.

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    My bias toward QD in 5.56mm:

    I had thought about a direct thread Gemtech Trek as a 2nd 5.56mm can, but I would have pinned it on or at least torqued the hell out of it with no intention of moving it between barrels. Why, and why QD preferred for 5.56mm semi-auto? I want 0% chance of coming loose and destroying a fairly expensive centerfire can with a baffle strike, and rapid and more extreme heating makes it impractical to do the occasional grasp-and-twist as with 22LR cans, or pistols where they heat up slower and cool down faster. Tend to use .308on longer range rifles with slower fire so less of an issue with direct thread, and have a heat resistant cover (to reduce mirage) that enables occasional checking. With higher rate of fire use on a semi-auto I don't want a cover on there reducing the cooling rate, and you can still end up melting a cover.

    Folks may weight the pros and cons differently, but that's my reasoning.

    Speaking of muzzle devices being hard to find, I would have bought a lot more Surefire closed tine attachments instead of 3 prong had they been available at the time. To my original point it should not be an issue for quite a few years with Surefire discontinuing them, but now that I'm looking at upgrading one 3 prong to a closed tine they are out of stock everywhere. I don't see where the current spike in demand would being having much effect on that particular item. Maybe just a variant of Murphy's Law interacting with SF's batch scheduling.

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    Thread on is fine, I've got both and let me tell you why. After thinking, "I can use this QA can on all these guns" I found that it doesn't work that way. Due to zero shifts (they do) you pretty much have to dedicate a can to a specific gun and leave it with it.

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    I have recently started looking into a Griffin Bushwacker 46 can. It is a universal can that has a wide variety of calibers it can be used on. If you don't need dedicated cans for multiple rifles, this might be a viable option. I an planning on getting it for 9mm, 10mm, and 45acp pistols as it can be used with one cam lock piston. You would just need the cam lock muzzle device for each pistol. It also comes with a taper mount that works with fixed barrel guns. I have an AR in 45acp and 458 Socom I would like to be able to use it on as well. Total would be around $800-$900 plus the $200 for the stamp and I would have a system that would cover them all.
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